‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers Tease Fresh Drama In Episode 2 As Peter Weber Faces ‘Champagne-Gate’

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The Bachelor spoilers for Episode 2 of Peter Weber’s journey tease that there is plenty more drama on the way. Viewers will first see Peter deal with the emotions of seeing The Bachelorette star Hannah Brown again, but teasers note that he’ll soon move on and face a new crisis that is being dubbed “champagne-gate.”

As the premiere for Peter’s season ended, he and Hannah were overcome by their unresolved feelings for one another. According to spoiler blogger Reality Steve, this does get resolved as Monday’s show airs, and viewers supposedly won’t see The Bachelorette star again this season.

According to the synopsis from ABC, Peter will go on to face the ladies from that interrupted group date and try to get his season back on track again. The evening portion of that group date will be shown, and then it’s time for the cocktail party and second rose ceremony. During the cocktail party is apparently where the champagne-related drama develops.

E! News shares a clip from this upcoming incident. The Bachelor spoilers detail that contestant Kelsey Weier brought a special bottle of champagne with her for filming, and she will want to share it with Peter.

According to Reality Steve, Kelsey had this bottle for a couple of years and saved it for something special. Viewers will see her set it out in an area by a fireplace where she anticipates sharing some one-on-one time with Peter later. She tells the ladies what she has planned, and The Bachelor spoilers reveal that this is where things go wrong.

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Peter and Hannah Ann Sluss will be walking together and come upon that spot. Thinking it was there for them, they pop open the champagne to drink. Kelsey and the other ladies will hear the pop of the bottle opening, and Kelsey walks over to see what’s happening.

The Bachelor spoilers share that Kelsey will be quite upset and apparently get pretty angry with Hannah Ann. Host Chris Harrison recently teased that this situation will make viewers laugh, cringe, and cry with its multiple layers, and the preview certainly sets that up pretty well.

While Kelsey gets angry with Hannah Ann, the reality appears to be that Peter and Hannah Ann didn’t know that it was Kelsey’s bottle of champagne. Production surely had a very heavy hand in setting up this bit of drama, and it sounds as if they got big results.

Hannah Ann already has something of a target on her back, having received Peter’s first impression rose and assertively claiming quite a bit of his time during the first cocktail party. Now, it’ll seemingly appear that she’s made another aggressive move, and the ladies look like they’ll be backing Kelsey.

The Bachelor spoilers suggest that there isn’t too much more that will be included in Episode 2. However, with Bachelorette Hannah out of the picture after this next show, it seems likely that the pace of things will pick up a bit as Peter’s journey to find love intensifies.