Bombshell Pamela Alexandra Shows Off Killer Curves In Skin Tight Dress

Pamela Alexandra poses for a selfie.
Pamela Alexandra / Instagram

Pamela Alexandra is giving her Instagram followers quite the view.

The bombshell model shared a picture of herself standing on a balcony overlooking Dubai. Pamela stood facing away from the camera and turned backward, giving a sultry look and showing off her killer curves in a dress that just barely kept them all covered.

The picture was a huge hit with Pamela’s followers, garnering more than 55,000 likes and all manner of complimentary comments.

“lawd have mercy,” one person wrote.

“goddess for real,” another added.

The picture was promoting a dress from the fashion company Fashion Nova’s plus-size collection, one of the most frequent gigs for the curvy model. Pamela regularly shares pictures wearing form-fitting outfits and revealing swimwear for the company.

Pamela seems to be a good fit for the brand, amassing a massive following on social media thanks to her curvy physique and the pride she takes in not fitting into the often rigid standards of the modeling world. The Swiss model also puts a lot of work into maintaining the physique, sharing a post last year telling fans she had taken on a new dedication to going to the gym.

Her physique has earned her interest well beyond the confines of social media, with many celebrity news sites sharing pictures of Pamela and ranking her among the most popular curvy models on the internet.

It’s not all strict modeling work for Pamela, however. She also uses her page to connect with fans, showing them her life beyond the camera and sharing a bit of humor. After a post last year saying she needed to learn to smile more in her pictures, Pamela shared a series of humorous snaps including one where she bent over at the beach while playing a game of “the sand is lava.” In another video, Pamela showed the difference between her somewhat uptight “posed” look for Instagram pictures and her more natural stance.

There are plenty of side benefits to her modeling work, as the most recent picture shows. While Pamela is likely netting a nice salary through her work — experts estimate that Instagram models can make roughly $1,000 for every 100,000 followers, per post — she also gets the chance to travel the world to take in plenty of different sun-soaked locales.

Her most recent pictures were from a trip to Dubai, and in recent months, Pamela has also jetted off to Bali, Rio de Janeiro, and Miami.