‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nelle Makes A Stunning Announcement, But Carly Isn’t Buying It

The drama is heating up on 'General Hospital.'

General Hospital stars Chloe Lanier and Chad Duell.
Craig Sjodin / ABC

The drama is heating up on 'General Hospital.'

It looks like Nelle Benson may be getting her “get out of jail free” card this week on General Hospital. Spoilers have been teasing this possibility for a while now, and it appears that the time is finally here as the baby swap saga gets closer to being revealed. Nelle has a plan and is about to take Port Charles by storm once again. This GH villain isn’t about to let someone else raise her child now.

Wiley’s future seems to have everyone worried now that Lucas is still at Turning Woods in a coma. He hasn’t woken up since the car accident, and that has everyone in the baby’s life scrambling to try to do what’s best for him. Little does anyone else know, Nelle has been making plans of her own to ensure that she gets her son back in her arms. Her vision board revealed that she is planning on taking her son to raise on her own.

General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central tease that Nelle will be making some kind of big announcement the week of January 13, and fans are wondering if she will finally spill the secret that Wiley is really Jonah.

While that may seem way too convenient, that kind of news would really shake things up. However, there is also another announcement that Nelle may be aching to share with the good people of Port Charles. There have been big hints that she married Shiloh right before he was killed by Sam McCall and that means his widow would inherit his ELQ shares. That could very well be the big news that she will share.

Most will be totally shocked that she married Shiloh in the first place, but there is one person who won’t be fooled by Nelle’s latest shenanigans, and that is Carly Corinthos. She has Nelle’s number. She knows exactly what she is capable of. More spoilers have said that Nelle’s plans include Carly. What does she have in store for Mrs. Corinthos?

Some fans think that she will try to kidnap Donna, but that is just a rumor for now. There is expected to be many people who will be worried once they find out that Nelle has been released from prison. Brad is already panicking, even before Nelle’s release, as The Inauisitr had previously detailed.

General Hospital fans are looking forward to Michael finally getting his son back, but there is bound to be more obstacles in the way before that happens.