Kanye West’s Music Continues To Top Gospel Charts

Kanye West's new Christian music is still doing very well on the charts.

Kanye West poses on the red carpet.
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Kanye West's new Christian music is still doing very well on the charts.

It’s been a few months since Kanye West first dropped his new Gospel album, Jesus is King. He also dropped another album, Jesus is Born, in honor of Christmas time. The music has done quite well, being labeled within the genre of Gospel rap. Even now, West is still topping Gospel charts with his music, showing that while it may not be the music most are used to from the rapper, it seems to be working out quite well for him, according to Forbes.

On The Hot Gospel Songs chart, West’s Sunday service music fills 20 of the 25 available spots. His most popular music right now is a mix of both of his new recent albums. Seven tracks from Jesus is King hold strong at the top of the chart, with some tracks from Jesus is Born falling slightly below.

Of the new Christian music the rapper has released thus far, “Follow God” remains his No. 1 hit with “Closed on Sunday” taking second place. West’s new music places a focus on his faith in Jesus Christ and urges others to turn away from worldly pleasures and back to God. It also delves into other issues, like family life and politics, at times referring directly to President Donald Trump with whom West has long been known to be a supporter of.

This new music is a long stretch away from the type of music that West became famous for, and even a couple of years ago most would have likely considered this major shift almost laughable. Nevertheless, West claims that starting his now famous Sunday service choir just a year ago completely saved his life.

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At an anniversary celebration for the formation of the Sunday service choir, West spoke to a crowd gathered at Skid Row in Los Angeles. He explained that prior to starting the choir, he was in a very dark place, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

“A lot of times people say, ‘Thank you Ye for Sunday Service.’ I’m saying thank God. This thing saved my life. This thing was an alternative to opioids. This thing was an alternative to pornography,” he said.

He went on to discuss other controversial issues, such as the death penalty, which he stands in opposition of and believes is a violation of the Ten Commandments.

“It’s 30 states that still got the death penalty. Thou shall not kill. But, we be cool with that,” West said.