‘RHOD’ Star Stephanie Hollman Defends Brandi Redmond On Twitter Against Trolls

Stephanie Hollman (L) and Brandi Redmond (R)
Charles Sykes / Bravo

The Real Housewives of Dallas star Stephanie Hollman is coming to the defense of her best friend Brandi Redmond on Twitter after the latter had been torn apart by trolls for her decision to check into a wellness center this week. Brandi is taking time to self reflect after an old racially insensitive video of her resurfaced this week where she used an Asian accent while describing her squinty eyes. Many on Twitter felt as if Brandi was only checking into the center to save face so she could stay on RHOD for another season, and they didn’t feel that she was truly sorry for the video she made.

Stephanie is shutting down many of the trolls by directly responding to some of the Twitter comments thrown her friends way. According to Stephanie, Brandi is truly remorseful for the video and is taking some time for herself to reflect on her mistake, and her recent check in to the wellness center is only because of her good intentions.

After a fan asked Stephanie if Brandi really checked into a center for her well-being, the former confirmed it was true and that’s when a lot of the hate started.

“Maybe instead of checking into a facility she should have shared the metal chair of racism with [LeeAnne Locken]. It would save her a lot of money.” one user commented.

“Makes me sad that she is choosing to address some mental health issues and your still choosing to spread hate. Love will take you much further!” Stephanie wrote back.

“I hope she is here for the right reasons, and not to just buy her time til this blows over or to gain sympathy,” another user wrote.

“I hate that you think she would be doing this for any reason other than personal growth and reflection. I am very proud of her for taking these steps to better herself,” Stephanie came back a second time.

Stephanie also made sure to interact with Twitter users who were supporting her friend by thanking them for their kind words. The 37-year-old said Brandi has nothing but love in her heart and is proud of her for how she is handling the situation. Stephanie went on to interact with dozens of Twitter users over Brandi’s recent news.

The future of The Real Housewives of Dallas is currently up in the air after many viewers have called for either its cancellation or a completely new cast. Brandi’s video mixed with LeeAnne Locken’s derogatory comments towards Kary Brittingham this season has caused outrage among fans.