‘The Young And The Restless’ Cast Members Hilariously Play Game Called ‘Set It Up’

Logo for the Daytime Drama THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS.

Viewers love seeing The Young and the Restless behind the scenes, and recently the CBS Daytime drama shared a video of several beloved members of the cast playing a game called “Set It Up.”

The premise was relatively simple. One cast member needed to describe a current Y&R television set for the other person on the team to guess. However, all contestants were given a list of banned words that were not allowed to be used to describe each place for which each needed to describe for their partner.

Amelia Heinle (Victoria Newman) and Christian LeBlanc (Michael Baldwin) kicked off the fun and game, which took place on a couch on the set of The Grand Phoenix Hotel. Amelia wore a gorgeous, one-shouldered purple gown, and her hair was styled in a bun atop her head. Christian wore a burgundy tuxedo trimmed in black with a crisp white shirt underneath, completing the festive look with a bow tie. The set was Crimson Lights, and nobody had trouble figuring that out.

The other couple was Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe Mitchell) and Greg Rikarrt (Kevin Fisher). The mother-to-be wore a purple strapless, floral gown, and Greg wore a black suit with a white shirt and black tie. He described the set, and Elizabeth quickly guessed the coffee house. Then, he prompted her to say its real name, and she got the answer right.

Sharon Case (Sharon Newman) and Mark Grossman (Adam Newman) came next. She wore a dazzling tank style, scoop neck silver sparkling gown, and Mark looked dashing in a black suit and tie. Sharon described the set, and Mark guessed the coffee house.

Sasha Calle (Lola Rosales) wore a black lacy dress with a deep v-neck, and she sat with her on-screen brother, Jordi Vilasuso (Rey Rosales), who wore a black suit with a black shirt. Sasha gave him a strange clue, “creepy muppet.” Jordi easily guessed that she meant Crimson Lights, though.

Finally, Hunter King (Summer Newman) and Michael Mealor (Kyle Abbott) took a turn. She wore a burnt orange dress with a v-neck and a slit on one side, and he wore a traditional black tuxedo with a bowtie and white dress shirt. After Michael said that they set included an indoor and an outdoor part, Hunter guessed the coffee house.

Other sets the couples described to each other included The Grand Phoenix, Jabot, The Newman Ranch, and Society. While most of the time everything went fine and the actors eventually arrived at the right answer, occasionally somebody used a banned word and received a red “x,” which meant they were disqualified. The show encouraged fans to vote for the most valuable player by using various emoji.