WWE News: Female Superstars Call Out Impact Wrestling Star For Being Racist And A Bully


On Saturday, a number of WWE superstars and other female wrestlers chose to call out a current Impact Wrestling star for past comments of bullying and racism. Tessa Blanchard works for Impact Wrestling now, but has wrestled all around the world and was even in the WWE Mae Young Classic. On Saturday, she tweeted out that women should try to support one another, but others spoke out against her for being hypocritical.

Blanchard has wrestling royalty in her blood as she is the granddaughter of Joe Blanchard, the daughter of Tully Blanchard, and stepdaughter of Magnum TA. The family has a deep history in professional wrestling, but social media doesn’t care who you are if your past words are hurtful.

On Saturday afternoon, Blanchard took to her official Twitter account and tweeted out a post looking to band women together. Little did she know that it would end up taking a turn in a completely different direction.

“Hey women, try supporting one another. Cool things happen.”

Blanchard has been involved in some big storylines in Impact Wrestling, but that also is not keeping her free of others firing back at her. One of the first to respond to Blanchard’s tweet looking for support is NXT superstar Chelsea Green who called her out for past actions.

Major League Wrestling star Priscilla Kelly tweeted out her approval of Green’s response, but there was much more to be said. Current NWA Women’s World Champion Allysin Kay tweeted out a past story detailing racism thrown out by Blanchard during some time in Japan.

Kelly also tweeted out applause for this comment and Chelsea Green joined in on the support.

Blanchard went on to say that their comments of racism and bullying were not true. She said that she wouldn’t give it much attention on Twitter or at all because of “how actually ridiculous it is.”

Since the responses were posted by Green and Kay, the wrestler in question for the Japan story is Black Rose who is Puerto Rican. Both Rose and Blanchard worked for Stardom back between 2016 and 2017.

Rose said that the story happened in Japan back in 2017 and she remembers it even if Blanchard does not.

A number of other wrestlers and superstars have made their feelings known in the last few hours. Isla Dawn of NXT UK said she even experienced the bullying of Blanchard firsthand and wrote on Twitter that she “received regular verbal abuse” from the current Impact Wrestling star.

All Elite Wrestling talent Shanna also had plenty to say about Tessa Blanchard’s past actions.

On Sunday night, Tessa Blanchard is going to face off against Sami Callihan in an Impact Wrestling World Title Match at Hard To Kill. Right now, this negative criticisms and press are not going to help anyone. WWE and NXT superstars, wrestlers from other promotions, and plenty of others have spoken out about Blanchard’s past history of racism and bullying, but she still states that the stories aren’t true.