January 11, 2020
Jordyn Woods Exposes Curvy Booty In Green Animal-Print Thong Swimsuit On Instagram

Jordyn Woods likely triggered some heart palpitations among her 11 million followers on Saturday when she showed off her voluptuous body in a plunging green animal-print swimsuit. In the three photo update, Jordyn stood on a staircase with a lush tropical landscape in the background and wore a pair of dark sunglasses.

The first shot showed of Jordyn's bombshell hip-to-waist ratio and shapely thighs as she struck a model-like pose with one hand on the staircase's rail. The second photo captured her smiling as she walked up the steps. But the third image likely elicited gasps from viewers as it revealed the swimsuit's thong briefs and Jordyn's bodacious backside.

The photo accumulated over 450,000 likes and over 7,000 comments within an hour of going live. In the comments section, Jordyn's fans seemed in awe of her enviable figure. Some of the appreciative and encouraging comments came from celebrities like Lori Harvey, Emily Ratajkowski, and Ashley Graham.

But Jordyn's non-famous fans chimed in as well and added the majority of the comments under the photo series.

"Babygirl. This is going on my vision board," one fan wrote.

"Bruuuh her MF'N thighs are so sexy, she so sexy, I'm signing off," another infatuated admirer gushed.

"Jordyn gurl lemme tell ya YOU ARE EVERYTHING!!!!" a third commenter added.

And a fourth fan commended Jordyn for seemingly trimming down her figure healthily and retaining her curvy shape.

"Every thick girl inspiration cuz you the one girl who lost weight the healthy way and still kept ya curves! An inspiration to me cuz I ain't tryna be a stick," they wrote.

Jordyn's photos seemed to also inspire some commenters to imagine her as a significant other since a few of them called her their "wife." Others seemed to struggle to find the words to express their admiration so they opted for long collections of emoji instead.

The post is a follow up to a previous photo in which Jordyn also wore a similarly low cut tiger-print one-piece. The suit also featured straps on the side that connected the front of the design to the back. That post proved popular with her fans, as it attracted over 700,000 likes and more than 5,000 comments.

Jordyn's accompanying caption revealed that the swimwear was from a brand called Matte Collection. Although she didn't tag the brand in her most recent post, the swimsuit design she wore in the photo series resembles the company's Lucia monokini, which retails for $26.