WWE Rumors: Major Update On The Revival’s Future Plans


The contracts of Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson, aka The Revival, are set to expire in the spring, and WWE is keen to keep the duo on the roster. However, according to a new report by Fightful, the former Tag Team Champions don’t appear to be in a rush to extend their current deals with the company.

The report states that WWE has offered Dawson and Wilder multi-year deals that allegedly exceed the $550,000 that they rejected last year. They have also reportedly been offered reduced dates, as both performers competed in 150 matches in 2019. However, the belief is that both performers want significant changes to be made to the tag team division, which has been badly booked in their opinion.

Most of the company’s executives want to keep the team on the roster, but the final decision comes down to Vince McMahon. As documented by Wrestling Inc, the WWE chairman apparently isn’t the biggest fan of tag team wrestling, as it doesn’t draw enough money. Furthermore, if one superstar gets injured, it often results in their partner becoming insignificant until they recover.

For the Revival to stick around, McMahon will need to start focusing on tag team wrestling, but recent history has shown that the boss isn’t particularly interested in boosting the division. All Elite Wrestling, meanwhile, has been making efforts to build a strong division, and the Revival have hinted at potentially being a part of it down the line.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Wilder and Dawson have been teasing a future match against The Young Bucks’ Matt and Nick Jackson, who are both executive vice presidents of AEW. Furthermore, both performers have stated that they hate being away from their families, and AEW’s lighter schedule, coupled with its strong tag team division, will potentially appeal to Wilder and Dawson.

Should the Revival decide not to sign new contracts, it could affect the way in which they are portrayed on WWE television. There have been rumors suggesting that the company wants to saddle them with a comedy gimmick, which could be interpreted as WWE’s way of making them look weak in the eyes of fans before they jump to the competition.

The Fightful article does highlight that the Revival haven’t “outright rejected” the current offer on the table, so perhaps they’ll change their minds at a later date. It remains to be seen if WWE will offer them more money, and if McMahon is willing to make significant creative changes to the product.