UFC President Wants Female Best Buy Employee Who Was Fired For Beating Up Shoplifter

Danny Cox

A Best Buy employee who protected her store against a shoplifter has been fired, but the president of UFC is already looking to help her out. The woman worked at a Best Buy in Hawaii, and recently had a video of her stopping a shoplifter go viral. The altercation ended up costing her job. Now, Dana White believes that she was treated unfairly, and he has an offer for her that may work out better in the long run.

Summer Tapasa was working as security at Best Buy when she noticed a man trying to rush out of the door, as reported by ABC 7. The man was carrying an expensive portable speaker that he hadn't paid for, and he was attempting to get out of the store with the stolen goods.

Tapasa knew that the same man had stolen another speaker from that same Best Buy just days earlier, and she wasn't going to let him do it again. She took it upon herself to stop him with physical force, even though Best Buy's company policy does not approve of such action.

Due to the way she stopped the man from stealing the item, she was fired from the store. Thanks to social media, it hasn't taken long for the world to take notice, and that includes UFC president Dana White.

Not only did White say that he was flying her in for the event featuring the Conor McGregor vs. Cowboy Cerrone fight, but he also wants her to work for him. It's not yet known just what kind of job Dana White may have in store for Summer Tapasa, but her actions aren't going unrewarded.

When asked why she took down the shoplifter in such a strong fashion, Tapasa simply said it was her "first instinct." She said that he was not going to steal from Best Buy again, especially not on her watch.

The man who tried to steal from Best Buy ended up having the goods taken from him and he walked outside with nothing. Tapasa made sure to let him know that he was not allowed back at the store.

UFC isn't the only professional organization that has approached Tapasa since her security video went viral. In the days since last month's incident, she also received a call from the Women's Football League Association.