January 12, 2020
Max Boyens Talks 'Vanderpump Rules' Love Triangle, Accuses Scheana Marie Of Trying To Make Dayna Jealous

Max Boyens was introduced to viewers on Tuesday night's episode of Vanderpump Rules Season 8 and during the show, it was revealed that he and Scheana Marie had hooked up in the past. That was before she was seen enjoying time at a party with fellow cast newbie Brett Caprioni, who works alongside her at SUR Restaurant, while Boyens was seen with Dayna Kathan.

During an interview with Hollywood Life on January 8, Max opened up about his "love triangle" with Scheana and Dayna, claiming that the dynamic between him and the ladies was "more of a jealousy triangle that [Scheana] was trying to create out of nowhere."

As fans saw on Tuesday night, Scheana was seen talking about the way in which Max allegedly "ghosted" her after they dated briefly. Meanwhile, Dayna revealed to the staff at TomTom, where Max is the manager, that she and Max had slept together. However, according to Max, his relationship with Scheana "ended a long time" before he began his relationship with Dayna.

As for his trip to Palm Springs, which was discussed on the show, Dayna told Hollywood Life that she felt it was weird to learn that the two were going away together due to their history, and the fact that Scheana had never been very nice to her. As she explained, she and Max, who she was dating at the time, had just begun sleeping together and she didn't understand the reason behind him going away with someone he used to date.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Max also addressed his drama with Scheana during an interview with E! News on January 7. However, when it came to the "love triangle" dynamic, the one he was referencing during the second interview involved Brett, not Scheana.

According to Max, he found it hard to be facing drama during Season 8 but said that when it came to the "romantic entanglements" that occurred at SUR Restaurant and TomTom, he always did his best to leave his drama at the door and focus only on work while at the restaurant.

While Max told Hollywood Life that he felt as if Scheana was trying to create jealously in his relationship with Dayna, Brett told E! News that he felt as if Scheana was using him to "f**k with [Max's] head."

"It is what it is, I guess," Brett continued. "I try to be a friend, and I guess I don't know how she feels 'cause I haven't really talked to her recently."