Sara Underwood Frolics In An Outdoor ‘Hippie’ Bathtub Located Deep In The Heart Of Olympic National Forest

Ethan MillerGetty Images

Although she has been traveling of late — most recently visiting Joshua Tree — Sara Underwood is currently back home in her magic place located deep in the heart of Washington’s Olympic National Forest. The 2007 Playboy Playmate of the Year appeared on Instagram on Saturday to announce that Cabinland, her series with boyfriend and tiny house architect Jacob Witzling will return to the social media platform IGTV on Sunday for the beginning of Season 2.

For the purpose of sharing the news as well as the place from which Cabinland typically broadcasts, Sara posed while standing up during her time taking a dip in the couple’s so-called “hippie” tub. The do-it-yourself rig includes a small redwood deck, a large trough, and a chimney hookup fueled by wood reclaimed from fallen trees that burn underneath the tub to make the water hot.

Sara, who was rocking a cleavage-baring swimsuit top for the shot, was only a small part of the attraction. She leaned on the edge of the tub, placing one hand on the outside of the metal apparatus. The 35-year-old stunner rocked a huge smile as she peered into the camera lens. Above the tub, a long string of lights hung between two tall trees, but they had not been turned on.

Piles of firewood were stacked in three places as majestic trees towered over this serene Pacific Northwest nature scene. The tub itself sat on a pile of wood chips not far from a tree stump in which an ax had been planted, stuck in the top of the wood for further use at a later time. Other tools were strewn near the area while Sara’s towel waited for her on a stand built into her tiny redwood deck.

Among her 9.3 million Instagram followers, more than 14,500 people pressed “like” on Sara’s most recent social media post within an hour of it going live. In addition, 90-plus fans offered comments, many doing so because, as her fans know, the star typically answers as many Instagram questions as possible.

“Do y’all have your hot tub on an episode?” asked one follower, who received a “yup” from Sara.

“Keep cutting down those trees for firewood and you will not have any trees around and cabins,” stated a second Instagram user, who added a smiley face emoji.

“She already said in a previous comment that they were all falling down trees that they cut don’t be so quick to judge,” another one of Sara’s followers answered.

“Everyone thinks they know everything. The internet is fun,” Sara piped up, adding a laughing-crying emoji and a thumbs-up emoji to her upbeat comment.