Brunette Bombshell Katelyn Runck Nearly Pops Out Of Sexy Dress With Low-Cut Neckline

Katelyn Runck poses for a selfie.
Katelyn Runck / Instagram

Model Katelyn Runck put her amazing figure on display Saturday in her latest Instagram update. The beauty wore a low-cut dress that was so tight, she almost popped right out of it.

Katelyn’s post consisted of two photos and a short video clip. She was standing outside near a brick fence that was next to a hedgerow.

The bombshell’s dress was a belted chambray number with spaghetti straps and dropped short sleeves. It buttoned up the front and featured a low-cut neckline. To add a bit of sex appeal, Katelyn left the top two buttons of the dress undone, revealing a good deal of her cleavage. The opening of the dress was stretched so tight it looked like she might bust out of it with one wrong move. In fact, it looked as though Katelyn might not have been able to fasten the buttons even if she tried. The sexy dress also featured two thigh-high slits on each side, exposing her bare thighs.

One photo showed all of Katelyn’s body as she posed in the dress. She playfully raised one slit, revealing her toned leg. She stood with one leg slightly forward, while giving the camera sultry look.

The remaining snap captured Katelyn from a closer angle, showing her body from the knees up. She raised one knee up through one slit, giving her fans a better look at her thigh — and her voluptuous chest. The camera captured her as she looked at something off to the side with a smile on her face.

The video clip showed Katelyn as she modeled the dress. She tossed her hair and looked seductively at the camera while sliding her hand on her hip. The camera zoomed in, giving her followers a nice look at her chest as she played with her hair in a flirty manner. The scene panned back out as Katelyn began to walk toward the camera.

Katelyn’s hair fell down in loose curls. Her makeup included sculpted brows, thick lashes, eyeliner, and blush on her cheeks. She also wore a pink gloss on her full lips. She donned a pair of wedge sandals to complete her chic outfit.

In the caption, she mentioned that the dress came from Just Fab.

Her fans thought she looked just fabulous in the dress and told her so in the comments section.

“You are stunning!”

“Wow beautiful gorgeous lady,”

Katelyn recently wowed her fans in another dress that featured a sexy cutout and a waist-high slit, revealing her incredible physique.