Miley Cyrus Spreads Her Legs As She Lies On Guitar Cases In A Room Full Of Them: ‘Collection Or Addiction?’

Miley Cyrus performs at the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Festival
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Miley Cyrus may not totally surprise her fans when it comes to an excess of anything, but the number of guitars in her care could raise more than a few eyebrows. On Friday night, the “Wrecking Ball” singer herself questioned whether or not she had amassed a collection or was fighting addiction. She was pictured showing off literally dozens of cases in a room full of her beloved stringed instruments.

Her intriguing picture showed up in an Instagram post in which the former Disney star nearly blended into the unique scene.

Although her pose was probably meant to look comfortable, especially since she had her hands behind her head, in reality the star was probably anything but. After all, the camera snapped Miley from above while she appeared to be resting on a group of the cases. She spread her legs and found her footing with one boot firmly placed on the wooden floor while the other was placed on the top of a sturdy case.

While lying on these cases, Miley rocked an all-black ensemble. The artist, who is not always so covered up, wore a black leather motorcycle jacket, a black shirt, black pants, and black boots. She added a bit of bling to the look, including a few bracelets and a couple of necklaces, and she also sported a mostly black belt highlighted with silver hardware.

The room in which Miley had chosen to share her bounty was surrounded by French windows and doors. Since their frames had been painted white, the room’s main architectural feature was apparent as it contrasted with the photo’s highlight. In the snapshot in which myriad guitar cases had been laid out, there was virtually no room for walking between or among them.

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@thisiswatt collection or addiction ?

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Miley’s guitar case-laden Instagram post was popular with her nearly 103 million followers. More than 706,000 people pressed “like” on the update, while 3,600-plus social media users commented on the post.

Some used emoji — including black hearts, red heart-eyes, purple hearts, flames, green hearts, and tulips — while others wrote about Miley and her large collection.

“They aren’t mutually exclusive,” stated one fan, who was talking about Miley’s caption.

“Awesome, that’s what,” remarked a second admirer, who added a red heart and a praying hands emoji.

“U blend in so well,” said a third follower.

“I say pick one up and give us an Instagram live,” commented a hopeful Instagram user, who added a red heart emoji.