Kaley Cuoco Rocks Nightgown And Sips From 'Wifey' Mug As She Talks Upcoming Trip To Rome

Kaley Cuoco is back with another episode of Cup of Cuoco, her Instagram series where she vlogs about her life and career. In the most recent video uploaded to the platform on Saturday, Kaley wore her blond hair in a messy bun, along with a white nightgown, and held a "Wifey" mug as she spoke.

Early on in the clip, the former Big Bang Theory actress made sure viewers knew the exact type of sleepwear she had on.

"Look at this cute nightgown, though," she said. "It's not a nightshirt, this a nightgown. It's very different."

Later, she informed viewers that she was about to take a trip to Rome and that she hadn't packed yet, even though she had to leave for the airport in an hour. She admitted that last-minute packing is normal for her.

"It prevents me from bringing stupid things," she explained. "Like four different pairs of black boots. So this way I can be like, 'ahhh, you just gotta grab one.'"

Kaley also revealed her stay in Italy won't be all fun and no work since she'll be shooting episodes for her upcoming HBO Max show, The Flight Attendant, while there.

"Time to go back to work. I've had a long enough break. I've eaten everything you can eat, I've drank everything you can drink," she said with a chuckle.

The actress also shared that her husband, Karl Cook, won't be coming with her since he's in Florida but said that they plan to spend some dedicated time together when the show wraps. Instead of a vacation, the actress said she preferred a "staycation" where they'd just stay in and hang out with their animals "for like five days."

The video attracted more than 150,000 views in one hour. In the comments section, fans sent Kaley their best wishes for her trip to Rome. Others shared their appreciation for all of the Cup of Cuoco episodes.

"So on one of the last cup of Cuoco u said they called u boring... well some of us are boring and like to listen to other boring people!!" a commenter wrote.

Although it's received love from fans, it looks like Cup of Cuoco doesn't appeal to one of Kaley's former Big Bang Theory castmates. In the comments section to one of the previous episodes, Johnny Galecki, who played Leonard on the show, joked that he couldn't make it through the entire thing.