Rita Ora’s Latest Wardrobe Malfunction Shows Her Going Commando

Randy ShropshireGetty Images

Singer Rita Ora is the latest victim of a wardrobe malfunction after partaking in a Miami photo shoot on Friday. According to The Hollywood Life, Rita was modeling for European shoe brand Deichmann when the unfortunate situation went down. Rita was donning a bright yellow dress which looked to go down to her mid-calf or perhaps to the ground, but a powerful gust blew her dress up which proved she wasn’t wearing undies for the shoot.

The 29-year-old’s long tan legs were exposed as was her upper left hip and the singer was noticeably concerned about what might be exposed if she didn’t get the situation under control. Before too much was revealed, Rita was able to get her dress back around her body, covering her bare booty.

Rita was sporting long bleach blond locks for the photo shoot which were paired with hoop earrings. She wore metallic blue strappy heels for the shoot, which unfortunately didn’t get much attention given the wind. The hot bright yellow dress wasn’t the only thing Rita wore for the shoot, as The Daily Mail shared two other hot looks from the day’s events.

Neon seemed to be all the rage for the photos, as Rita donned a lime green tulle dress, which the “Black Widow” singer shared several photos of to her Instagram page on Friday evening. While rolling around in a bouncy castle, Rita wore a more body-hugging light purple outfit as well.

Unfortunately, Rita is no stranger to wardrobe malfunctions. Back in 2018, Rita sported another dress that blew up exposing her backside while she was attending an event in Australia. More recently the singer suffered a different type of malfunction, where the only thing that was exposed was her nude-colored Spanx she wore under a revealing dress in October of 2019. The red dress, which featured high slits on her leg and her chest, showed off the top and bottom of the shapewear which was slightly embarrassing.

In Rita’s new Instagram post where she shared her neon-green look from the day, the singer admitted she still couldn’t sit down after the photo shoot, which was proven by the expansiveness of the gorgeous dress. Rita smiled as she sat down on a couch while holding her phone which featured a case with a large R and O on it for her initials.

The post brought in over 135,000 likes in just a few hours and featured hundreds of comments from fans who loved the dress and complimented her for it. Rita did not mention her wardrobe malfunction in the post.