Jennifer Capriati Charged With Battery, Stalking

jennifer capriati charged

Former tennis star Jennifer Capriati has been charged with battery and stalking in Florida, after an incident last month involving a former lover.

Jennifer Capriati was charged following an altercation on Valentine’s Day at a North Palm Beach gym. Capriati, 36, is said to have confronted ex-boyfriend Ivan Brannan at the gym, with a witness claiming the athlete punched Brannan several times.

The Palm Beach Post reports:

“The battery charge is connected to the Feb. 14 incident in which Capriati allegedly punched Brannan at the Oxygen Health & Fitness Gym on U.S. 1. She began screaming at Brennan, then stuck her finger in his chest when he was trying to walk away, according to a police report. A witness reported seeing Capriati punch Brennan’s chest four times with a closed fist.”

The charges against Jennifer Capriati come as co-workers of Brannan say, according to the paper, that the tennis pro didn’t stop after the Valentine’s Day altercation, instead pursuing her former boyfriend at his place of employment and scaring his co-workers.

According to the news source, a female co-worker of Brannan’s says four days after the event, Capriati appeared at his workplace in a clearly agitated state, pacing, yelling, banging on a window and attempting to enter through a locked door. It is also claimed that the athlete placed more than 50 phone calls to Brannan’s workplace during that period.

Court documents obtained by the media say the charges against Capriati further indicate that between February 16 and February 18, the tennis star did allegedly “willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly follow, harass, or cyberstalk” Brannan.

Reps for Jennifer Capriati say the charges resulted from an over-exaggeration. Capriati is due in court April 17.