Jojo Babie Flaunts Cleavage In See-Through Shirt On Instagram

Jojo Babie takes a selfie.
Jojo Babie / Instagram

Jojo Babie shared a new Instagram picture with her followers today. She was seen flaunting her cleavage in a floral see-through shirt.

The beauty posed inside a bathroom for the selfie. She leaned on a white sink with her right hand and held the phone with the other. She tilted her head slightly to the left. Most of Jojo’s face was obscured by her phone, so it was hard to see her makeup. Her eyes looked bare, but her lashes were dark, likely thanks to mascara.

The top had long sleeves and an open front, which was tied together with a piece of black string. It was made of black sheer fabric with embroidery throughout. It featured white and pink flowers with green leaves. And due to the stunner’s decision to go braless underneath, her chest was left exposed in the photo. At the same time, she brushed her hair over her right shoulder, which censored the right side of her chest. The top was from Fashion Nova.

Jojo also wore a black thong. It was fairly small with a piece of fabric in the center. But the most eye-catching part were the two straps on both sides.

Her elaborate manicure was partially visible. Her index finger was light pink, while her middle and ring fingers were decorated with glittering gems. Otherwise, she kept it simple and didn’t wear a necklace or bracelets. Her glittering belly button ring peeked through.

Behind the model was a walk-in shower and a white tub beside it. The shower had a strip of dark gray in the center. The room was well-lit, with the tub area bathed in sunlight.

Fans headed to the comments section to leave their compliments for the model.

“Well that’s definitely started my weekend off well, nearly going blind looking at you lol xx,” joked an admirer.

“Breathtaking beauty just awesome,” declared a follower.

“You’re on my mind 24/7!!” exclaimed a fan, referring to the captions.

“Beautiful! as always and my dream girl gorgeous! @jojo_babie,” expressed a fourth Instagram user.

Previously, on November 26, the bombshell shared another update where she showed off her cleavage. In that post, Jojo wore an unbuttoned, long-sleeved shirt. She also wore dark skintight leggings and heels.

The model was spotted sitting on some stairs. Her hair was down and brushed over her left shoulder. She placed her hands in front of her and glanced at the camera with a pout on her face.