WWE Rumors: Rey Mysterio Set To Soon Replace Big Star In Main Event Feud On ‘Raw’

Rey Mysterio is reportedly moving up the ladder to much bigger things on 'Monday Night Raw.'

Rey Mysterio poses before the WWE Universe.

Rey Mysterio is reportedly moving up the ladder to much bigger things on 'Monday Night Raw.'

Storylines in WWE can be quite confusing at times as they could change in an instant, and rumors on wrestling publications lend a lot to that way of thinking. A few weeks ago, Rey Mysterio lost the United States Championship to Andrade at a non-televised house show. While some may think that this is a way of demoting the former world champion, it is actually a way of moving him up the ladder for the red brand.

Earlier this week on Monday Night Raw, Big Show returned after more than a year away from the ring. He joined forces with Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe to take on the team of Seth Rollins and the Authors of Pain in the main event, but that partnership may not continue for too long.

While Big Show was a huge addition to the main event and the fans loved seeing him back, he may not stay in that position for a long time. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, by way of Wrestling Inc., that spot is about to go to yet another veteran.

Rumor has it that the U.S. Championship loss to Andrade in late December is WWE’s way of moving Mysterio into the main event scene. This will reportedly lead him into having a top feud on the red brand, one where he will soon be siding with Owens and Joe against Rollins and AOP.

Big Show delivers a huge clothesline to Seth Rollins.

On last week’s Raw, Andrade and Mysterio had another match in which the new champ tore the mask off of the former titleholder. This led to Mysterio looking for revenge to continue the feud, but it is only going to go on for a limited amount of time.

Once he moves on from Mysterio, Andrade is expected to move into a program with a top babyface on the Raw brand. It is not yet known who that will be, but it is going to be a major part of future storylines on Monday nights.

Next week’s Raw will feature Big Show partnering once again with Joe and Owens to take on AOP and Rollins in a six-man “Fist Fight.” It’s not yet known how Rey is going to replace Big Show in this feud, but it is likely going to happen quite soon.

Rey Mysterio had a good — but short — run with the United States Championship. WWE fans may have wanted to see him have the title for a longer period of time, but if the rumors are true, there are much bigger things in store for him on Monday Night Raw.