Shep Rose Responds To Jax Taylor’s Criticism Calling Him The Worst Wedding Guest

Charles SykesBravo

Vanderpump Rules Season 8 has just kicked off, and stars Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright appeared on Watch What Happens Live after the season premiere to talk all things SUR. While the duo sat down with Andy Cohen, they were asked by the host about their June wedding. Andy asked the couple who the most annoying guest was at their wedding, and both agreed it was Southern Charm star Shep Rose.

“Out of all the people there… [Shep] was talking, he was videoing, he was the worst guest ever and I told him. He knows I was not happy,” Jax said, according to The Daily Dish. “I think it was a given [that we didn’t want the wedding on social media] but even people that don’t even know knew not to do that. Of all people, I shouldn’t have to worry about Shep, I thought.”

Shep shared a lot of the night’s events on his social media pages, including Brittany walking down the aisle, which the bride and Jax did not appreciate. It was an unspoken rule they expected their guests to follow, but Shep decided to do things his own way.

After the Bravo couple made their claim on WWHL, Shep responded on Twitter, somewhat contradicting what his friends had said.

“I love [Jax] and [Brittany] and i think/hope the feeling is mutual. They could have been more communicative about what their guest’s social media restrictions were. But it was such a fun wedding. I was honored to be there. Maybe in the year 2050 they can come to mine,” Shep tweeted.

While Brittany and Jax assumed their guests would keep their wedding off social media, Shep felt it should have been communicated if it was what they really wanted. At this time, neither Jax or Brittany has responded to Shep’s tweet, but they did express on WWHL that they have no hard feelings and still consider Shep a good friend, as they do the rest of the cast of Southern Charm.

During their WWHL interview, Brittany and Jax also dished on some of their other wedding guests. Brittany claimed that Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney-Schwartz gave them the best wedding gift, but kept it a secret as to what it was.

Jax also suggested that Scheana Marie was possibly the drunkest at their ceremony, while Tom Schwartz was the most emotional throughout the day.

The happy couple also said Scheana was the wedding guest who was most on the prowl, which doesn’t come as much of a surprise since many of their friends are currently in relationships.

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