Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Peter Raises Suspicions & Worries That Jason Could Soon Expose Him

Wes Ramsey portrays Peter August on 'General Hospital'
Craig Sjodin / ABC

New General Hospital spoilers suggest that Peter August may set himself up for trouble in the coming week after he is a bit too expressive with Jason Morgan nearby. Jason feels certain that Peter is hiding some big secrets, and he will become even more suspicious of him in the week ahead.

This week, viewers watched as Jason talked with Robert regarding his suspicions over Peter’s past actions. Robert admitted that he thinks Jason’s probably right, but he wants proof. Jason, of course, intends to find that proof.

Not only has Jason talked with Robert, but he has approached Anna about his suspicions as well. Anna hasn’t wanted to admit that Jason might be right since Peter is supposedly her son. Despite her reservations, she’s done some digging and has come to realize that Jason’s suspicions may well be right.

According to General Hospital spoilers from the new issue of Soap Opera Digest, Elizabeth and Franco will invite Peter over for dinner. They want to thank him for what he did to save Franco and Andre, but given the fact that Peter orchestrated the incident to begin with, Peter hesitates to accept the invitation.

Peter will decline Liz and Franco’s invite, and apparently, Jason is nearby and watches this play out. Viewers know that Peter often gets visibly anxious when he is uncomfortable and feeling potentially exposed, and Jason will pick up on this too.

Actor Wes Ramsey, who plays Peter, notes that this will happen at the Metro Court and it seems all four Port Charles residents will happen to be there at the same time. Peter is uncomfortable with the praise and gratitude from Liz and Franco, and his attempt to downplay it all isn’t smooth enough to convince Jason.

SheKnows Soaps details that Jason will be suspicious during Monday’s episode, and it sounds as if it’s this situation that sparks that. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Peter will pick up on the fact that Jason is paying close attention to his every move. Peter has been wary of Jason in the past, and this will apparently intensify.

“Peter’s radar is exceptionally sharp whenever Jason is around,” Wes notes.

Peter will become increasingly concerned that Jason will ultimately be the person who exposes his misdeeds and bring him down. In fact, Ramsey shares that this will soon become Peter’s biggest concern.

General Hospital spoilers for the next couple of weeks suggest that Maxie will remain unaware of Peter’s antics, and Jason will be fighting challenges on multiple fronts. Anna is struggling over what to do regarding her suspicions of Peter and it seems it’s now just a matter of time before he is exposed for all he’s done.