Sommer Ray Is Framed Sitting On A Window Sill With Her Hands Between Her Legs In Sexy Underwear & Pink Socks

Sommer Ray attends the premiere Of "Thor: Ragnarok"
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Sommer Ray is fond of pairing her underwear with sneakers, but on Friday she rocked her bra and panties while wearing pink socks and no shoes.

The athletic model-mogul sat with her perky derriere balanced on a window sill as she posed in a way evocative of the pinup girls of another era. The light-haired beauty sat upright and at an angle while placing one hand between her closed legs. In synch, her taut and toned legs dangled against a pink-colored wall underneath the open window in a scene that featured pink curtains.

As she stared into the camera with a seductive look, her mouth was partially open. When the shutter snapped, Sommer had tilted her head while she took on the come hither position for the Instagram snap. She included a caption that heralded her namesake fashion collection.

For the image, the 23-year-old knockout wore her long locks, which had been flipped to the side, in loose ringlets that fell in front of her and down her chest. She wore a face full of makeup, including darkened and defined eyebrows, pink eyeshadow, black eyeliner on both the top and bottom lid, black mascara, contouring, blush, and pale pink lipstick.

Sommer wore a colorful underwear set that could easily transition into workout wear. The bra top was trimmed in black featuring a round, white logo and PSD lettering. The fabric, which matched the bottoms, created an abstract design using multiple colors, including fuchsia, blue, and purple. Her thong bottoms were also trimmed in black with white lettering and were cut up to waist level on each side.

Sommer’s most recent Instagram update was immediately popular with her 23.7 million followers. Within less than 50 minutes of going live, more than 297,000 admirers pressed “like” on the post, while over 1,500 fans offered comments.

Some people used emoji — including red hearts, green hearts, blue hearts, red heart-eye faces, water drops, and fire — while other interested parties wrote words regarding their feelings about the attractive model and her social media message.

“Finest female ever is an understatement,” remarked one Instagram user, who added a red heart-eye face and a smiley face emoji.

“Nice socks you got there,” stated a second follower.

“Wow I wish my Christmas present was to look like you,” said a third fan, who added a star-eye face and a heart-eye face emoji.

“Please marry me today’s my 18th birthday so you won’t go to jail,” pleaded a fourth follower.