‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Two Weeks Ahead Tease Quartermaine Chaos, Mob Drama, & Relationship Struggles

Wally Kurth and Jane Elliot portray Ned and Tracy on 'General Hospital'.
Valerie Durant / ABC

Spoilers tease that the next couple of weeks will get pretty wild on General Hospital. January has already gotten off to an intense start, but it seems that there is plenty more chaos on the way.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Sam will face additional questions from Alexis. Sam, Jason, and Diane have formed a plan that they hope will make it easier for Sam and Jason to be together, but they haven’t looped Alexis in on it.

Alexis will seemingly sense that there are some major details about Sam’s current life that she has yet to learn. However, General Hospital spoilers suggest that she will be fully filled in soon.

Jason is anxious to uncover the truth about Peter. If he is successful in doing so, it’ll have a major impact on Sam’s life. At the same time, he and Sonny also seem to have a new mob battle brewing and fans are intrigued to see who is behind this.

Spinelli pops up again in the coming week, surely to help Jason, and he’ll spend some time with Maxie. General Hospital spoilers signal that Maxie will start to get more serious about making some career changes and she may lean on Spinelli as she works through her thoughts.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that there is a lot of drama on the way related to the Quartermaine family. Michael wanted to step back from his ELQ duties to help Brad with Wiley, but it looks as if Tracy will be unhappy about this.

Tracy is expected to try to connect with Olivia while riding both Ned and Michael pretty hard. In addition, an ELQ crisis is expected to develop quite soon.

Lulu and Dustin’s relationship will grow deeper, but General Hospital spoilers reveal that they will soon face new obstacles. Not only is Lulu facing a potentially difficult custody battle, but someone from either Lulu or Dustin’s past will pop up and throw a wrench into their romance.

There’s more of Gladys on the way over the coming weeks, and fans suspect that she may soon be revealed to be up to something shady. General Hospital spoilers note that Aunt Stella returns to Port Charles soon, Nelle makes it out of Pentonville, and Valentin gets help from Martin.

Nikolas will try to ease back into life in Port Charles, but General Hospital spoilers detail that he’ll soon be confronted by Finn. Sonny will be beckoned to the ER for some reason, Sasha will end up rattled, and Mike’s condition will continue to deteriorate.

Unfortunately, General Hospital spoilers currently available seem to suggest that the baby swap revelation is not coming within the next couple of weeks. However, there is definitely forward progress on the way and the buzz is that this bombshell will drop relatively soon.