Asked To Name One Thing ‘President Has Done Well,’ Donald Trump Supporter Draws A Total Blank In Viral Video

A revealing interview with a Trump supporter at a rally in Ohio Thursday night went viral, due to the man's non-answer to a simple question.

Donald Trump holds a rally in Toledo.
Brittany Greeson / Getty Images

A revealing interview with a Trump supporter at a rally in Ohio Thursday night went viral, due to the man's non-answer to a simple question.

Donald Trump held his first campaign rally of the year for the 2020 presidential election, giving a performance that made a stark contrast to his nine-minute White House speech a day earlier. In his speech in Washington, D.C., Trump appeared subdued and reverted to his habit of making repeated, sharp sniffing sounds. But on Thursday, he gave an animated and angry performance, attacking Democrat Adam Schiff as “pencil neck” and telling a protester to “go home to mommy.”

But the moment that went perhaps most viral from the rally at the 8,000-seat Huntington Center in Toledo, Ohio, did not feature the president at all. Instead, the moment most are talking about is a brief interview with a young Trump supporter wearing a “Trump 2020” red baseball cap. When the interviewer asked the youth to name a single thing that “the president has done well,” the Trump supporter appeared to come up completely empty.

“I’m not really sure, I just support him,” the young man said, as quoted by Raw Story, after spending several seconds searching for words.

The clip posted via Twitter by online video editor Vic Berger IV collected 45,300 “likes” and almost 11,000 retweets in less than 12 hours. The video has also appeared on YouTube and was picked up by the news-based humor site

What is something that you believe the president has done well?

— Vic Berger IV (@VicBergerIV) January 10, 2020

Twitter users who commented on Berger’s post were not impressed by the young Trump supporter’s inability to list even one thing that “the president has done well.”

“Bruh he couldn’t even make some sh*t up,” one Twitter user wrote, as quoted by the United Kingdom-based news site Metro.

“Imagine that. He can’t come up with even one thing Trump has done well,” replied another. “Go figure.”

Despite his supporter being unable to come up with a single thing he had “done well,” Trump spent much of the rally boasting about exactly that — things he believes he has done well. He also attacked his political enemies, often using derisive nicknames.

In Toledo, Trump taunted House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff, who led the impeachment inquiry into Trump late last year. Addressing the California representative directly, he called Schiff “you little pencil neck,” as quoted by

“He has the smallest shirt collar you can get, and it is loose,” Trump said of Schiff.

In fact, the president lashed out at Democrats across the board as “radical” and “vicious, horrible people,” and branded House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as “crazy.”

He also complained that he had yet to receive a Nobel Peace Prize and boasted that he was better-loved among Republicans than Abraham Lincoln.

This is not the first time a viral moment has sprouted from a Trump rally. A widely viral photo came during a rally last November. The image showed an elderly white couple wearing T-shirts that read, “Blacks For Trump.”