Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Jordan Has Questions For Jason, But He May Not Be Very Cooperative

Steve Burton films as Jason Morgan on 'General Hospital'
Todd Wawrychuk / ABC

Jason Morgan is on a mission, and General Hospital spoilers tease that he’ll face some questions about some of his latest activities during Friday’s show. He is taking some risks in his quest to help Sam, but he’s linked to some other shenanigans currently playing out in Port Charles. Now, it looks as if Jordan is taking notice and looking for answers.

During Thursday’s show, Sam, Jason, and Diane met with Robert and proposed a deal. They want a new parole officer for Sam who won’t restrict her ability to be with Jason, but Robert wasn’t initially inclined to help. However, once Jason mentioned perhaps being able to take down Peter, Robert’s interest grew.

While Robert didn’t pounce on the opportunity to make life easier for Sam, he was intrigued and admitted that Jason’s theory quite likely holds a lot of weight. Robert told Jason to bring him some solid evidence, and he promised that if Jason could do that, he would help Sam. Diane, Jason, and Sam were pleased with the outcome, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that everybody will see more of Jason during Friday’s show.

The sneak peek for Friday shows Jason having a conversation with Jordan. She will ask if he and Sonny have made themselves an enemy, and Jason’s face is serious and isn’t revealing anything unintended. Does Jordan have someone specific in mind as she asks this? Does this intersect with the conversation Jason had with Robert and his suspicions about Peter or something else?

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If this is about Peter and his henchmen, the situation doesn’t really involve Sonny. However, Jordan likely sees Jason and Sonny as a team that is virtually always working together and on the same page.

It very well could be that Jordan’s questions are connected to the truck hijacking that happened earlier this week. If so, Jason will surely remain tight-lipped about that too.

According to She Knows Soaps, Jordan is going to be feeling frustrated during this January 10 show. Will that be because Jason refuses to give her any real answers to her questions?

As for Sonny, his attention is drawn elsewhere at the moment. He’s worried about Mike, but General Hospital spoilers also note that he’ll be questioning Julian during Friday’s show.

In the days ahead, Jason will become increasingly suspicious, and Spinelli will be popping up to lend a hand. General Hospital spoilers tease that Jordan will find herself pursuing an intense case soon, although it might not be connected to either Jason or Sonny.

What is going on with Sonny’s business and the truck hijacking? Will Jason uncover the evidence he needs to expose Peter? General Hospital spoilers suggest that things will get intense and crazy over the coming days, and fans are anxious to see how this all ties together.