Reality Steve’s ‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers Break Down The Latest On Peter Weber’s Mysterious Season Ending

John FleenorABC

Anxious fans of The Bachelor will not see for certain how Peter Weber’s season ends until March. Peter is confident that solid spoilers about exactly what happens won’t leak, but blogger Reality Steve is doing his best to pin down the details. In his latest blog post, he shared updates on where things stand now.

Peter’s insistence that the way his journey as The Bachelor ends has prompted a lot of wild speculation among fans. Of course, ABC amped up the buzz by incorporating an enticing season preview into Monday’s premiere. Now, Reality Steve is walking through the latest in regard to what he knows, what he thinks, and why he thinks the details may remain under wraps.

Reality Steve says that he has a hunch that much of what was shown in that intriguing, buzzworthy preview will turn out to be far less shocking when the finale airs than how it initially appeared in the sneak peek. He also says that he is confident that neither The Bachelorette Hannah Brown nor contestant Victoria Fuller figures into The Bachelor ending as some had speculated.

Given what he has been able to gather, Reality Steve’s spoilers suggest that the shocker with Peter’s ending has more to do with how things play out than with whom he chooses.

The spoiler king has previously revealed that Hannah Ann Sluss and Madi Prewett are Peter’s final two. At this point, he remains confident that whatever does happen only involves those two ladies.

In addition, Reality Steve feels confident that Peter is with someone now post-filming. The Bachelor fans likely get the same vibe, as Peter has appeared to be quite happy in all the interviews and appearances he’s made, and he insists he’s happy and in a good place.

So what is so unusual and unpredictable about the upcoming The Bachelor ending?

“I do think he’s with someone based on everything I’ve heard, but it’s a convoluted way to get there. On final rose ceremony day Nov. 17th in Alice Springs, Australia, Peter did not pick one, dump the other, and have a normal ending. There also was no engagement to anyone. But yet, I do believe he’s with someone, and that’s where it gets tricky. A lot of holes to fill in. Hopefully I’ll get those for you eventually,” Reality Steve explains.

Clearly, Reality Steve is still digging and hopeful he can uncover the big secret that Peter and others associated with The Bachelor seem confident they can keep hidden. The blogger acknowledges that he might not get every detail before the finale airs, though.

Despite that, he seems to be acquiring new tidbits of information fairly consistently, and he’s promised to share more as additional details emerge. Just over the past couple of weeks, he’s now detailed that he’s confident that the ending only involves Hannah Ann and Madi, that there’s no engagement in Australia, and that Peter is ultimately with somebody.

The Bachelor spoilers do suggest that Madi’s virginity will become an issue at the point of overnight dates, and Peter does acknowledge that he does get intimate with at least one other woman. Some fans speculate that Madi will quit and leave the show over this.

Could it be that Madi leaves and Peter does reunite with her outside of Australia and that whatever happens is just different enough from Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph’s ending that he thinks it’ll stand as a shocker on its own? The Bachelor spoilers do tease that there will be unexpected developments and big twists and turns throughout Peter’s run and fans are anxious to see how it all ends.