‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Briana DeJesus Teases That She May Have A New Boyfriend

Briana DeJesus appears in a picture posted to social media.
Briana DeJesus / Twitter

On the most recent season of Teen Mom 2, fans watched as Briana DeJesus called it quits on her relationship with John Rodriguez. Although she hasn’t been single for too long, some fans seem to think that the mom-of-two may have a new man in her life based on a recent tweet that she shared.

“My new bae low key lit but let me keep this to myself,” Briana wrote, including several different emoji with the tweet. Her post has received 647 likes from her fans, as well as a few retweets. However, not everyone was supportive of Briana.

“Not very private when you just posted about having one,” one commenter wrote.

“Hope he’s in the same State as you and the girls!” read a second Twitter response.

Briana’s last relationship was a long-distance one. Briana lives in Florida with her two daughters, while John lived in New York. The two tried to make things work by visiting one another often, but dating long-distance can be difficult. Knowing of her past troubles with long distance may be why the commenter wrote what they did.

“Sisss focus on ya children… I’m starting to think u need a man to survive,” commented a third Twitter user.

While Briana didn’t say too much, she did reply to that tweet and seemed to suggest that she may not have a new boyfriend after all.

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Reunion ready! #nyc

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“How do u know it’s a person? Lmao,” Briana replied.

It’s safe to say that after her response, fans were confused, unsure if Briana has a new man in her life. While she didn’t specifically come out and confirm or deny a new boyfriend, she did get some support from fans who seemed to approve of Briana’s choice to share her life with someone new.

Although her current relationship status is shrouded in mystery, Briana has been open about wanting to have more kids and maybe even get married one day. As previously reported, the mom-of-two took to her Instagram stories to answer some questions from fans. One follower asked her if she wanted to have any more kids. She admitted that she would like to have one more, but said that she wants to be married first.

For now, Briana appears to be focusing on her 8-year-old daughter Nova and her 2-year-old daughter Stella. If she does have a new man in her life, many fans seem to hope she is happy.