Cosplay Model Liz Katz Flaunts Her Inner Bond Girl In Sizzling Hot Ensemble

Liz Katz snaps a selfie
Liz Katz / Instagram

Sexy cosplay model Liz Katz has caused a stir with her latest Instagram post. She teased that she is everybody’s favorite “Bond Girl” in this new upload, and it looks as if her social media followers are not about to disagree with her.

Liz posed in her bathroom for this shot that she shared on Thursday. The cosplay queen has her blond hair styled casually with a bit of a zigzag part and wavy layers cascading over her shoulders. She went light on the makeup, looking nearly makeup-free, and she gazed directly at the camera with a serious, somewhat stern expression on her face.

The Instagram starlet stood directly facing the camera, her arms hanging straight down by her sides. Her dark nail polish was visible, as were several of her tattoos, but she went without any additional accessories.

In this case, it was Liz’s outfit and her curvy figure that dominated the scene. It appears that this is probably the same sexy outfit she wore in another recent Instagram post. In that case, the cosplay model posed in such a way that her curvy derriere was on full display. Her fans have seen this outfit from the back, and now they get to see it from the front.

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Your favorite Bond Girl

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Liz’s sultry look consisted of thigh-high black stockings and a revealing black bodysuit. The unique bodysuit had some silver accents and plenty of mesh to draw in the viewer’s eye. The cut was somewhat severe, showing off Liz’s hips and covering only the bare necessities.

A solid black panel covered just enough to keep this photo within Instagram’s modesty restrictions, but the unique strapping and detailing still teased fans by revealing plenty of skin. A silver hoop and two small mesh panels covered a cutout across the model’s breasts that allowed Liz to flaunt her deep cleavage while preventing a wardrobe malfunction.

In the first 18 hours after Liz had initially shared this sexy look, more than 57,000 of her 1 million followers showed their love for it. More than 600 people commented as well, and it looked like the cosplay model received plenty of compliments.

“You would do an excellent bond girl!!” noted one fan.

“Beautiful eyes and beautiful lips baby,” praised a follower.

“You spelled bondage wrong. Fire af pic!” boldly asserted someone else.

“You make a VERY convincing argument,” detailed a fourth fan.

This post quickly garnered a lot of attention, and it looks as if everybody was in consensus that they loved this vibe. Liz has shared plenty of enticing looks via Instagram since she started her page, and she almost always knocks it out of the park. By the looks of things, she did it again with this latest snap.