Adele Reveals How Much Weight She's Lost After Showing Off Much Slimmer Figure

Adele opened up about her recent weight loss after snaps of the British singer looking much slimmer hit the web in both December and earlier this month. The star reportedly spoke candidly about her weight-loss journey during a recent encounter with a fan alongside former One Direction singer Harry Styles, where she revealed how much weight she's actually lost.

According to a new report from People this week, Adele made the revelation to a fan while vacationing in Anguilla at the start of the month. She shared that she lost "like 100 pounds" over the past several months.

Nineteen-year-old fan Lexi Larson claimed to have run into Adele and Harry at Blanchards Restaurant and Beach Shack on January 3, where she and a friend got into a candid chat with the uber-talented music superstar.

"Adele came over and sat down next to me and my friend and was like, 'So what can I do for you girls?' We were so excited," the teenager told the outlet of her encounter with the world-famous duo, admitting that they spoke to Adele for a few minutes before Harry came over and joined them.

According to Lexi, the group spoke for around 15 minutes and "talked about life and college and what me and my friend wanted to do."

"They were more asking us questions. It was a really positive experience. It was really cool," she added.

Lexi also told the site that she didn't even recognize Adele immediately because of her dramatic weight loss, which is when the "Hometown Glory" singer spoke candidly about her new figure.

"She said she lost something like 100 pounds, and that it's such a crazy positive experience," Lexi told People, adding that Adele "seemed so happy, and she looked amazing. She seemed really confident."

The fan revealed that Adele declined to take a photo with her because her 7-year-old son Angelo was also there, though the group did manage to get a snap with Harry. The twosome was also joined on the Caribbean island by late-night host and actor James Corden.

As The Inquisitr recently reported, Adele shocked fans last month when she showed off her slim figure in a number of candid snaps that popped up on social media.

In an upload posted on Christmas Eve, the talented beauty looked noticeably thinner as she posed alongside the Grinch.

Shortly after that, The Sun shared photos of Adele and Harry at the beach in Anguilla where she looked happier, healthier, and slimmer than ever as she played around on the sand.