North Korea Issues New Attack Threats

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North Korea renewed US attack threats on Thursday. Just one day after Kim Jong-un supervised a mock drone attack on South Korea, the leader issued new warning to United States interests. Jong-un stated that if North Korea is “provoked” it will attack American military bases in Guam and Japan.

After accusing America of planning a bomber strike against them, North Korea also held an air raid drill on Thursday. Officials reportedly used the airplanes that have been flying drills over the Korean peninsula as proof that both America and South Korea are preparing a military strike.

Angry rhetoric was also reportedly flowing from North Korea in response to new United Nations sanctions. The sanctions reference the nuclear test held by the nation in February.

An excerpt from the warning issued by North Korea’s military commanders reads:

“The United States is adviced not to forget that our precision tools have within their range the Anderson Air Force base on Guam where the B-52 takes off.”

The attack warning also noted the placement of nuclear powered submarines in Japan and an American Navy base in Okinawa as potential targets. While some question whether or not North Korea actually has access to drones, South Korea’s Yonhap news group claims they have proof of such existence

A report from the agency maintains that North Korea was able to obtain target drones from the 1970s-era from Syria. The Yonhap report goes on to claim that the targets were supposedly scheduled to undergone the transformation necessary to become attack drones.

South Korea is dealing with perhaps a more immediate concern than the military threats by their neighbor to the North. Banks and local broadcasters were victims of hacking attempts this week. The IP address associated with the hacking originated from China. South Korean leaders are reportedly suspicious that the cyber attack attempt was linked to North Korea.

South Korea officials noted it was far too early to place the hacking attempt blame on North Korea. Although an investigation into the hacking intrusion is ongoing, an unnamed official did state that “thousands” of engineers from North Korea might have been recruited specifically for cyber warfare.

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