Kyle Kulinski Hits Back Against Accusations Of Sexism For Trolling Elizabeth Warren's Dancing

Tyler MacDonald

Progressive commentator Kyle Kulinski trolled Elizabeth Warren on Wednesday for the dances moves she recently busted out on the campaign trail. In response, Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker appeared to imply that Kulinski's attack on the Massachusetts senator was rooted in sexism.

"Raise your hand if you know why people are trolling Elizabeth's dance moves and not my dad jokes," Booker tweeted in response to Kulinski's comment.

Kulinski responded to Booker and took a hit at the 50-year-old politician's ties to the pharmaceutical industry.

"Actually I trolled your dad jokes too. As well as your being the #1 recipient of big pharma money. But yeah just accuse me of sexism it must make you feel good!"

"Hope she sees this bro," Enjeti tweeted.

Kulinski posted examples of his previous trolling of Booker's dad jokes as well as Mayor Pete Buttigieg's dance to Twitter. He also took the chance to plug one of the episodes of his eponymous show in which he explains his reasoning behind supporting Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders over Warren.

"And while we're on the topic. My reason for not supporting Warren in the primary (f*cking obviously) has nothing to do with her super goofy dance. It's completely policy based & strategy based. Watch this video for a painfully comprehensive breakdown."

Per The Daily Beast, many of Warren's supporters believe that the candidate's recent dip in the polls is the result of sexism — a contrast to progressives like Kulinski, who believe it is tied to her equivocating on Medicare for All.