Chrissy Teigen Legend Viagra Joke: Model Pokes Fun At Future With John Legend

Chrissy Teigen Legend joked about Viagra during a recent interview, and her joke caused people to start talking. The model married singer John Legend a year ago, but the couple dated for almost a decade before they walked down the aisle. Chrissy is ready for everything life has to offer her and her husband. According to Food World News, Chrissy Teigen is even ready for the day that her husband needs to use Viagra for their sex life.

Teigen made the joke about John Legend during a recent appearance for Piperlime. The model works with the clothing site, and she attended an event to celebrate the launch of their new site last week. The appearance came not long after Chrissy and John celebrated their first wedding anniversary, and Teigen could not stop herself from gushing about the singer and their marriage at the event.

The Viagra comment made by Teigen received the most attention, but the model clearly meant no harm with the joke.

"I think you are just more comfortable talking about the future more. I was the kind of girl that never talked about marriage and kids. [Now] you just end up talking about everything as forever which is very cool. It's nice to be able to be like, 'I can't wait to see you with gray hair, it's going to be hysterical.' Or, 'I can't wait until you have to use Viagra, that's going to be hysterical!"
Chrissy is ready to take their relationship to a new level. The National Ledger reported that Teigen is ready for a family, but she admitted that finding the time to have a child is not easy for the couple. Their schedules keep them busy. She has her modeling career, and he is busy with his music. Touring does not make it easy to spend time together.

Teigen did admit that she wants to have a big family with the singer, but Chrissy will be happy when "it happens" for them. Teigen is not putting any pressure on herself to start a family right now.

The couple has managed to find time to spend together in recent weeks, and they did not hide the public display of affection. Chrissy and husband John Legend attended a charity event earlier this month. The Inquisitr reported that the couple were inseparable during the charity event hosted by Andrea Bocelli in Florence, Italy on September 6. John Legend performed "Can't Help Falling in Love" during the event.

It is clear that Chrissy Teigen Legend has found the man for her. Judging from his choice of song, she is the right woman for him. What do you think of Chrissy's Viagra joke?

[Photo: Chrissy Teigen Instagram]