Marie Osmond Reveals Plans To Get Her College Degree & Go Skydiving As She Shares 2020 Vision Board With Fans

Marie Osmond has some big plans for the new year. The 60-year-old singer shared her 2020 vision board with her co-stars on The Talk, where she revealed that she plans to finish her college degree and take up skydiving this year.

As part of the CBS chatfest's "2020 Visions" segment, Marie shared a vision board that featured family photos, animated graphics, and words such as "Pilates" and "Knitting." But the multi-talented star also shared some of her more ambitious goals as she looks ahead to the new decade -- and some of them were a bit surprising.

"I'm going to finish my degree," Marie announced to her fans. "I never got to go finish college because of my work, and I had a baby and I was a single mom, and I had to keep working."

When her Talk co-stars asked her what she plans to study in college, Marie revealed that she may switch gears from her previous studies.

"I was in arts and performance, but I might even go into religious studies, because I love it. I love all religion," she said. "And, I am doing skydiving. I've always wanted to. When I had children I said I can't do it. But now that I'm a grandma, I'm going skydiving."

Marie shared the video of her vision board to Instagram where she encouraged her followers to post their own goals. In the comments section to her post, Marie's fans congratulated her on her decision to go back to school at age 60 and the other bucket list items she has on her board.

"You go girl!" one fan wrote. "Amazing things you have on your board."

"Love your vision board and love that you are continuing your education!" another fan added. "I think your new major is perfect for you!"

Several fans noted that Marie should study religion at Brigham Young University in her home state of Utah. Interestingly, Marie's husband, Stephen Craig, is a BYU alum and used to play basketball for the school's team.

It is unclear when and where Marie started her performing arts studies many years ago. When she was of college age, Marie was at the height of her TV fame with the hit variety show, Donny & Marie. By her early 20s, Marie was married and a mom to her first baby, Stephen James Craig.

Marie Osmond recently ended her 11-year Las Vegas residency with her brother Donny, so it seems that she will have some extra time to work on her 2020 goals.