Spoilers For 'The Young And The Restless': Devon Confronts The Truth About Amanda

New The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that Devo finally confronts his own feelings about Hilary look-a-like, Amanda Sinclair. He tells not only Elena the truth but also Amanda.

Although the whole time Amanda (Mishael Morgan) has been in Genoa City Devon (Bryton James) has denied her looking like Hilary bugs him, he finally admits the truth to himself, Elena, and even Amanda herself. In 2020, Devon wants to have a fresh start in his relationship with Elena. He's working to put the stressful couple of years that he's had behind him. Devon actor Bryton James recently discussed the complicated storyline with Soap Opera Digest.

"Moving forward, he wants a clean slate with Elena for the new year, so he tells her about how deeply Amanda's been affecting him," James revealed.

"There has been so much back-and-forth with Devon. First, he says he's going to forget Amanda, then he finds new information on her, and he's all fired up again."
Elena surprises Devon a bit by how well she takes his admission. Sure, she's been quite supportive overall, but most people have some type of limit at one point. However, Elena supports Devon entirely, which he feels is an excellent sign for their relationship.

"Devon expected Elena to be understanding because she's been nothing but that," explained the actor.

"Still, he's relieved by her reaction and feels he made the right decision."
There could be another reason, though, for Elena's reaction. She leans awfully heavily on Nate (Sean Dominic). For a while now, they've grown close as friends. Elena may be developing feelings for Nate too, which might make her less worried about who else catches Devon's eye.

Speaking of Devon, he decides that he has to have a conversation with Amanda. The lawyer is still in Genoa City, and while Devon still isn't sure about her part in Colin's (Tristan Rogers) scheme, he realizes that he has to address the monkey in the room.

"He realizes that they have to peacefully co-exist because she isn't leaving town anytime soon. So, he needs to make something very clear to her," James teased.

What could Devon make clear, though? Will he once again threaten Amanda regarding her part in him losing Katherine Chancellor's legacy? It seems unlikely since Devon appears to come to some type of peace about his feelings about Amanda and his late wife, Hilary. Perhaps 2020 will end up being a truly healthy and happy year for Devon.