Paper Towels And Cleaning Supplies Went Missing From Jennifer Dulos’ Home The Day She Was Allegedly Murdered

Kat WilcoxPexels

Jennifer Dulos is a Connecticut mother of five that went missing in May of 2019. Just this week, her estranged husband Fotis Dulos was charged with her murder. Now, a nanny named Lauren Almeida, who worked for Jennifer prior to her disappearance, has recounted to police what she remembers from that tragic day and the strange items that she noticed were missing from the home after, according to NBC.

Almeida immediately knew something was wrong on May 24 when she entered her employer’s home. She took note of Jennifer’s purse sitting on the floor along with a granola bar and a cup of tea that had been left unattended. But what Almeida found particularly puzzling was that there were no more paper towels left on the roll that she’d just replaced herself the night before. In addition, 10 rolls of the 12-pack of paper towels she had put on the shelf earlier were missing.

“I sat there and wondered what had happened last night that they used 10 rolls of towels,” she told police.

Almeida was very familiar with Jennifer’s home and quickly noticed that an assortment of other items was missing. This included a cleaning bucket and some camping pillows.

Oddly enough, following Jennifer’s disappearance, one of those camping pillows was found by a local homeless man who claimed it was covered in blood. Police later revealed that Fotis and his ex-girlfriend Michelle Troconis were caught on video surveillance the night she went missing dropping off various bags in dumpsters around the area. In total, they stopped at 30 different locations. This information was obtained from Fotis’ cellphone data. Jennifer’s bloody bra, shirt, and some zip ties were later discovered in those bags.

As for what happened to Jennifer, Almeida had immediate suspicions that law enforcement would later share.

“My first thought was that Fotis did something,” she told police. She later emphasized that she thought it strange that Fotis never “showed any concern about the fact that Jennifer was missing.”

Now, as The Inquisitr previously reported, Fotis has been charged with murder, capital murder, and kidnapping and is being held at a $6 million bail. His lawyer, Norm Pattis, still believes that his client can prove his innocence.

“I’ll be surprised if they can win it. Mr. Dulos contends he was not involved, and I don’t think the evidence will show that he was,” Pattis said.

Troconis has also been arrested for conspiracy to commit murder.