Bella Thorne Bites Her Finger Suggestively In Flirty New Instagram Video

Bella Thorne's Instagram stories are always a little risqué, and her latest video post is undoubtedly just as coy and flirtatious.

In the clip, the "B*TCH I'M BELLA THORNE" singer tossed her dark auburn locks over her shoulder, mussing them up with a flick of her hand. She shook her head, allowing her long, brown-to-teal tresses to fall down in front of her face in bedhead fashion. She tossed her hair back and forth as she moved the camera closer to her face, getting more seductive as the camera moved in.

At first, she held her knuckle up to her mouth, zooming in on her face. Her freckles popped and her warm brown eyes lit up. She then toyed with her finger outside of her mouth before gently biting it, staring at the camera with a come-hither look.

While the former Disney channel star usually goes fresh-faced on her Instagram account, her makeup was done extensively in the video, and she sported glimmering red lids as a result of a sparkling rose-colored shadow. The eye makeup stretched beyond her eyelids, giving her a cat-eye swoop of red.

Her pout was plumped to perfection, while her nails were lacquered in a dark, Cherry Coke-like shade.

Bella also wore a bubblegum pink T-shirt with the words "B. COOLS" emblazoned on it. When she lifted up her arm to toss her hair back, fans could see the many tiny tattoos she sports on her inner arm.

In addition to the seductive nature of the video, Bella flaunted her usual silver jewelry -- a watch on her wrist, multiple rings on her fingers, and several diamond-encrusted necklaces. Her 22.1 million followers could get a particularly good glimpse of her large rings, as she zoomed in on them while posing for her new Instagram story.

As The Inquisitr has previously reported, Bella's Instagram is chock-full of sexy images and videos, whether she's dripping wet in a shower or posing in a teeny bikini. The free-spirited actress is confident in her skin and is adamant about not using Photoshop to alter her body on social media.

In her previous Instagram story, Bella shared a topless photo and video of herself while getting ready for the Golden Globes after-party. That clip was strikingly similar to her latest, as she also posed with a finger to her mouth. The end result of her Golden Globes ensemble was gorgeous, as she wore a white dress with a plunging, deep-V neckline and two thigh-high slits up the side.