Kylie Jenner Rocks Mismatched Shoes & An Outfit Full Of Holes As She Cleans Out Her Enormous Closet

Not surprisingly, Kylie Jenner commands an enormous closet for housing her extremely extensive wardrobe. On Wednesday, the billionaire celebrity, who likes to dress to impress, decided it was time to let go of certain items, as she explained in the caption of her most recent Instagram post. She effectively decided to give her possessions the Marie Kondo treatment by weeding out garments and accessories that no longer give her joy.

As she culled her closet, Kylie rocked a two-piece, orange-colored outfit made of fabric that featured see-through, hole-shaped cutouts. A large collection of those cutouts allowed the Keeping Up with the Kardashians reality star's enviable breasts to be seen as she appeared to be braless. Her tiny panties were also on view through the holes in the material.

The top of the skintight ensemble included a mock turtleneck and sleeves so long that the lower portions covered part of her camera-holding hand as she took a selfie. The bottoms resembled leggings, also made of the same orange-colored fabric full of holes, allowing the 22-year-old beauty's tiny waist and thigh gap to be featured.

The star's Instagram photo was cropped in such a way that Kylie's hair was only partially seen. She wore her dark locks off of her face as she rocked a lot of makeup, including darkened eyebrows, smoky eyeshadow, black eyeliner, black mascara, and nude-colored lipstick. Her long, coffin-shaped nails had been painted a pale pink and she wore a bit of bling, including two diamond rings and small hoop earrings.

As for Kylie's feet? Each was planted into a unique shoe. Both were sneakers, but one foot rocked red ties holding a multi-toned kick together, while the other foot was covered in another multi-toned kick featuring yellow ties.

Kylie's most recent Instagram post was super popular with her 156.9 million followers. More than 2.5 million social media users pressed "like" on the image of the reality star as she stood in a portion of her walk-in closet while more than 20,700 people offered comments within two hours of going live.

Some put emoji -- including fire, lip prints, diamonds, sweating faces, four-leaf clovers, and flowers -- on the post, while others used their words to talk about how they felt regarding Kylie's closeted chore.

"Coming over," remarked actress and fashion designer Draya Michele.

"I'll take the big yellow... right there in the corner," stated hairstylist Touched by Tokyo, who added a red heart emoji.

"I volunteer to take the unwanted leftovers! Lol" said a third willing Instagram user, who added a shrugging girl emoji.

"....if u don't want that Louis Vuitton duffle bag with the black straps.. is love to have it.. don't own any designer things and I think this comment is as close as a chance as I'll get to having one.. trust me I'll cherish it...," declared a fourth follower, who added two frowning faces and one pink heart emoji.