Kaley Cuoco Admits That She's Boring: 'Why Do You Think My Husband Went On Vacation Without Me?'

Kaley Cuoco didn't mind when an entertainment outlet gave her IGTV show, Cup of Cuoco, a negative review. On Wednesday, The Big Bang Theory star took to her Instagram stories to set the record straight about her "boring" morning show.

In a series of videos, Kaley was shown holding the same pink "wifey" mug that she had been sipping out of in a previous Instagram video. However, in her follow-up videos, she was wearing a fluffy white bathrobe, and her hair was soaking wet. She had presumably taken a shower before getting back in front of the camera.

Kaley revealed that she was not filming a new episode of Cup of Cuoco, but she did chat about the show. The actress said that she recently got a "hilarious Google alert" from E! News about how uninteresting her IGTV show is. In her short, sporadically filmed episodes of Cup of Cuoco, Kaley typically spends a few minutes in the morning simply chatting about whatever is on her mind, from how well she slept the night before to what her beloved pet pooches have been up to. The actress agreed that the content on these episodes isn't always riveting, but she explained that it's not supposed to be entertaining.

"Guys, I agree with you," Kaley said of the negative review. "It's so boring! I can't believe anyone watches it. It's stupid; it's a joke."

"It's supposed to be boring, which made me laugh. So you guys, you get it."
Kaley also mentioned a topic that she recently discussed during an episode of Cup of Cuoco -- her husband, Karl Cook, going on vacation without her over the holidays.

"Cup of Cuoco is boring," she continued. "Why do you think my husband went on vacation without me? Because I'm boring. No idea why anyone watches this."

Kaley was laughing when she talked about Karl going on vacation without her, so she was clearly joking. She'd previously explained that it was actually her decision to stay behind when her equestrian husband headed to Patagonia for the holidays. Karl joined his family there for a rather active vacation that included a lot of hiking -- although Kaley is athletic, she revealed that she's not a big fan of going on long hikes. She said that she probably would have just slowed Karl down if she had joined him, and she thought he'd enjoy the trip more without her.

Kaley also said that she wanted to spend her time off from filming her new HBO Max series, The Flight Attendant, hanging out with her beloved pet pooches and other animals.