Eighth Grade Student In Michigan Commits Suicide Inside His Middle School

Eighth Grade Student In Michigan Commits Suicide Inside His Middle School

An eighth-grade student in Michigan brought a gun into his school Thursday morning and committed suicide, putting the school on lockdown.

The incident happened at Davidson Middle School early in the morning on Thursday when the middle school student reportedly went into a bathroom and shot himself.

After the suicide, school officials put the building on lockdown and brought the students into the gym and auditorium. The school contacted parents at close to 9:15 am to pick up their children.

“I feel so horrible for the family of the child. I can’t even imagine,” parent Sherri Zacharski told ClickOnDetroit.com.

The boy, whose name was not released, was remembered as a good student and somewhat popular. He never talked with school officials about problems he may have been experiencing, school administrators said.

After the student committed suicide in the middle school and all the other students were sent home, the teachers and staff met to discuss the tragedy.

“It got pretty emotional with the adults. They need a lot of support right now,” said Superintendent William Grusecki. “We could see it in their faces. It was difficult for all of us.”

Grusecki noted that there are no metal detectors in the school, so the boy was able to bring in the gun unnoticed.

Jan Ellis of the Michigan Department of Education said its rare for a suicide to take place inside a public school and couldn’t remember it happening before. The Huffington Post noted that 7-year-old boy died as a result of an alleged suicide in Detroit last May.


After the suicide at Davidson Middle School, classes were canceled for the remainder of Thursday and Friday. Counselors came in from neighboring districts to help meet the need for the community in its grief.

“We’re just going to do our best to help our kids out and our staff,” Grusecki said.

Before the boy committed suicide in the middle school, he did leave a note, Grusecki said.