Singer Grimes, Girlfriend Of Elon Musk, Posts Nude Instagram Photo That Appears To Announce She's Pregnant

Singer Grimes took to Instagram to post an unusual announcement --- a nude photo that has people thinking the girlfriend of billionaire tech mogul Elon Musk is pregnant.

Grimes shared the topless image in a very NSFW Instagram post, showing her topless and fully exposed, with what appeared to be an image of a growing baby in her midsection. The musician did not comment, but the immediate speculation was that she was announcing her pregnancy.

Many shared messages of congratulations, while others complimented the post.

"L O V E youuuuu, please come to slay us ALL," wrote fellow singer Janelle Monae.

Many others noted that the picture wasn't likely to stay up for long given that it was a violation of Instagram's rules against overt nudity. Several people commented that they reported the photo, though it remained up more than an hour after being posted and spurred a number of stories from celebrity news outlets. The image was also shared across social media.

As Business Insider noted, the singer and producer has played with followers on social media before, so it was not clear if the pregnancy announcement was legitimate.

"The meaning behind the photo is unclear. Grimes is known for trolling on social media, and given that the singer is planning to release a new album, Miss Anthropocene, in February, this could be a reference to the new music or an album cover," the report noted.

Anthropocene refers to the geological age that has been dominated by humans, so the Instagram post could be a reference to personhood.

Grimes and Musk have been dating on and off for more than a year, and Business Insider noted that their relationship has been rocky.

The apparent pregnancy announcement drew significant interest, with Grimes' name shooting to the top of Twitter trends in the United States. Many joked about the eccentric natures of the singer and her boyfriend.

Grimes had not yet responded to requests from media to confirm that she is pregnant, though she did respond to some commenters who joked about her having a baby with a billionaire. Grimes, who did not correct those who asserted she was pregnant, wrote to one fan that she was "self funded" and did not need to leech off her boyfriend's reported $27.5 billion net worth.

Elon Musk had not yet commented on the nude photo from Grimes or the speculation that she is carrying his baby.