Madame Tussauds Berlin Debuts Nicki Minaj Wax Figure, Social Media Has A Field Day Making Fun Of It

Madame Tussauds Berlin recently debuted the Nicki Minaj wax figure after receiving it from its original home in Las Vegas. On occasion, the different Madame Tussauds will swap statues so their visitors can see new exhibits. However, the star's fans are now having a field day roasting the figure, which they feel looks nothing like the talented rapper.

Sculpturists created the statue with the singer's "Anaconda" music video appearance as an inspiration. The rapper is depicted on all fours wearing black undies, a gold chain bralette, and matching gold stilettos.

TMZ reports that Minaj signed off on its creation almost five years ago when it initially debuted at Madame Tussauds Las Vegas in August 2015. The reason the figure has gone viral again is due to its relocation to the museum in Germany.

Some of the "Bang Bang" singer's fans have gone so far as to claim the statue is disrespectful to Minaj's image. However, according to TMZ sources, "her team actually worked with the museum on the project in 2015, and she signed off on it before it went public."

Despite the article stating that Minaj was aware of the statue and signed off on it, she wrote that she "had no idea they were doing this" under the caption of the video she shared after its debut in Las Vegas.

Please be advised that the clip below contains strong language.

Regardless of whether or not Minaj herself approved of the statue, social media users seem to be having fun making jokes about it. One user shared a composite photo of the wax figure and the rapper's real photograph together on Twitter, writing that it looks "like when you buy generic instead of name brand."

Twitter user @yaniqxe employed the now-iconic video of actress Keke Palmer failing to recognize Dick Cheney and saying "sorry to this man," in relation to seeing the "Super Bass" singer's statue.

"[I]dc idc idc, whoever did that wax figure tried to play @NICKIMINAJ they know dam well that looks nothing like her!" exclaimed another Twitter user. They added two crossbones emoji to their comment.

Some people claimed it looked like Minaj if she was a mashup of two random celebrities, while others said she looked like a character from the Grand Theft Auto video game franchise. Several of the jokes have gone viral on Twitter.

Minaj, who has been silent on social media for several months now, has yet to respond to the renewed controversy over her Madame Tussauds figure.