'The Young And The Restless' Recap: Chloe Loses It

The Young and the Restless recap for Wednesday, January 8 shows Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) upset at Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) for reuniting with Adam (Mark Grossman) after Chloe shares her baby news. Plus, Adam visits Victor (Eric Braeden), and Devon (Bryton James) asks Chance (Donny Boaz) to help him keep an eye on Amanda Sinclair (Mishael Morgan).

At Jabot, Lola (Sahsa Calle), Summer (Hunter King), and Jack (Peter Bergman) surprised Kyle (Michael Mealor) with cake and gifts for his birthday. Jack gave his son a hockey signature while Summer gifted her ex-husband and co-worker a picture of the two of them together as children. Then, Theo (Tyler Johnson) showed up, realizing he'd been excluded from the celebration. He gave Kyle a gift anyway -- social media numbers through the roof. Jack was happy, and Kyle joked that it was the best gift ever. Later, Lola reminded her husband to be kind and told him that she didn't make a big deal over Summer's gift, so she expected Kyle to act right about Theo.

Meanwhile, Chloe and Billy (Jason Thompson) catch up with each other at The Grand Phoenix. Chloe let Billy know that their late daughter, Delia, will be a big sister soon. Billy offered his congratulations and then wondered about her secret to happiness. Chloe admitted that she still cries herself to sleep at night. Billy said that he's still a work in progress.

Chelsea showed up, and Chloe went to talk to her. She shared her baby news, and Chelsea was excited. However, when Chelsea shared she broke up with Nick (Joshua Morrow) and was back with Adam, Chloe was outraged. She reminded Chelsea that Adam is a sociopath, though Chelsea insisted that Adam has changed. Later, Chloe asked Billy to talk some sense into Chelsea, but their talk didn't go the way Chloe had hoped. In the end, Billy said that sanity is overrated.

Meanwhile, at Society, Devon canceled Elena's (Brytni Sarpy) takeout order. Instead, he arranged for a special meal together. Elena was thrilled, and they discussed Sasha and Joy settling in at the apartment that Nick helped them get through New Hope. Elena let Devon know that she wanted to start a clinic for residents of the building, and Devon fully supported her idea. Elena took a call and Abby (Melissa Ordway) stopped to talk to Devon. He updated her on the status of the search for Colin (Tristan Rogers) and the money Colin stole. Then Abby let Devon know that she's dating Chance, who is staying in Genoa City to start a PI firm. Devon asked Chance to work with him to keep an eye on Amanda.

Finally, Adam showed up at the Ranch to talk with Victor. Adam let his old man know that he didn't want Connor (Judah Mackey) to be left out of family events because Chelsea chose Adam over Nick. Victor warned his son about Chelsea's past as a con and a thief, but Adam wasn't interested in hearing it. Later Adam told Chelsea things went well with Victor.