Halle Berry Bares Her Backside In Barely-There Braided Top

Oscar award-winning actress Halle Berry is best known for her acting abilities, but on Wednesday, she put her fabulous figure on display in a sultry Instagram update.

The photo showed the beauty standing in a lush garden surrounded by green foliage. A few lavender and orange flowers popped out among the sun-kissed leaves.

Halle took her place in the middle of the photo as she stood with her back to the camera. The picture, which captured her body from the middle of her thighs up, was taken as she ran her hand through her hair.

The actress appeared to be completely nude under a top made of braided fabric in several colors, including bright green, purple and white. The braids were irregularly shaped and spaced several inches apart, giving the star's followers a good look at her bare skin underneath.

Apparently, Halle's pose had been strategically struck among the plants in the garden to cover up most of her bare derrière. Enough bare skin revealed what looked like part of a tattoo on her lower back just above her right cheek. Her muscular back and thin waist stood out as the sun hit her shoulders. For an extra dose of sex appeal, the skin on her right thigh could be seen peeking out from the foliage behind her.

In the caption, Halle said that she was glad to be home in her garden and to be in one of her favorite tops, which was created by brand Nez York City, which specializes in unique braided apparel.

The post was a hit, raking in more than 41,000 likes within an hour of going live.

Many followers were disappointed that Halle didn't provide a front view, but most raved about how sensational the famous thespian looked while posing in the idyllic setting.

"nature along wit one of gods most beautifulest creations," one fan wrote.

"Damn you look good," said a second fan.

"You are like a fairy of the forest…" a third admirer commented.

"Wow very beautiful photo of you," wrote a fourth fan.

Halle wows her fans on a regular basis. A quick look through her Instagram page revealed that she enjoying showcasing her incredible physique every once in a while, including in the platform's post in which she welcomed the new year while showing off her bare back.

Many of her posts have been inspirational, encouraging others to be their best. She has faithfully shared her Fitness Friday posts in which she offers tips for her followers who either want to get in shape or want to stay that way.