WWE News: Current 'Raw' Star Calls NXT Championship The Top Title, Wants It Next

Since the brand split began, one of the two top championships in WWE has been the goal of almost every single superstar. The superstars of Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown want to capture one of them, but that isn't all that's up for grabs now. Kevin Owens is a former WWE Universal Champion and member of the red brand, but he states that the NXT Championship is the top title in the entire company.

Kevin Owens is currently involved in a feud that has partnered him with Samoa Joe to take on Seth Rollins and the Authors of Pain. It's a rather interesting storyline that has two pure heels working as babyfaces and partnering together in a very unlikely team.

Owens hasn't held a title in WWE in quite some time, but he knows which one is most important to him. It is a title he has held before, but it's not one he could currently win as it isn't a part of the Monday Night Raw brand of which he is on.

While on a recent episode of The Bump, available to watch on YouTube, Owens spoke on a number of topics including the idea of heading back to NXT. Owens started his WWE career on the yellow brand, and he actually believes it has the top title in the promotion.

Kevin Owens delivers a promo as NXT Champion.

No matter what, though, Owens would be happy to be back in NXT even if he wasn't in the title picture.

"The NXT Title is the top title on NXT and just the way that NXT handles itself, and the way people view NXT...I think that title is just as prestigious as the WWE one, the Universal one."
Kevin Owens said that he'd be fine going back to NXT no matter what the situation was. If the NXT Championship was on the line, though, he says that he would "jump on that offer" and head right back to the brand he started in.

Not long ago, Owens returned to NXT if even just for one evening when he took part in WarGames. Owens joined up with Tommaso Ciampa's team to take on The Undisputed Era in the double cage and their team ended up being victorious.

Kevin Owens is one of the most popular superstars in all of WWE, and he worked his way up to the main roster from NXT. Now, the yellow brand is a part of the main roster along with Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown, so there is really no major difference. Still, some of those who know what it was like to wrestle at Full Sail University still find it to be the top brand of them all.