Jeffree Star Cancels Tour Due To 'Personal Reasons,' Fans Think He Broke Up With Longtime Love Nathan Schwandt

Jeffree Star appears to be dealing with more heartbreak. The popular YouTube star and makeup guru has canceled his European masterclass tour just a few days before it was scheduled to begin.

In a statement to Paper magazine, the event organizer revealed that "due to unforeseen personal reasons, Jeffree Star is unable to travel to Europe to take part in the upcoming Jeffree Star x MMMMitchell Masterclass tour presented by Tatti Lashes."

While Jeffree has been absent from social media for several days and has not issued a statement about the cancellation, his good friend and tour partner, makeup artist MMMMitchell -- real name Mitchell Halliday -- posted an update on his Instagram stories, according to E! News.

In an emotional post, Mitchell said that he is "upset because my friend's upset," adding that he just wanted Jeffree to "be happy again." Mitchell also asked fans to keep Jeffree in their thoughts.

"Just keep Jeffree in your heart and in your mind," Mitchell asked his followers.

Of course, it didn't take long for Jeffree's millions of fans to react to the news, many offering up theories as to what has happened to the social media superstar.

Jeffree has been dating Nathan Schwandt for five years, and they recently bought their dream home in a gated Southern California neighborhood. In a house tour video posted last week, Jeffree and Nathan seemed happy and very much in love, but some fans think the sad turn of events may have something to do with their relationship.

On Twitter, fans noted that Jeffree's Instagram bio no longer says "wifey of Nathan," although some pointed out that he removed his relationship status from his page last fall.

Other fans speculated that Jeffree could be dealing with bad news regarding a family member. In his house tour video, the beauty guru said one of the reasons he bought his supersized new mansion was to have enough room for family members. Jeffree added that he wanted his mom to live with him because he didn't know "how much time" he had left with her. Additionally, Jeffree's grandmother is 100 years old.

Jeffree and Nathan suffered immense heartbreak in 2019. The couple mourned the loss of two of their Pomeranian pups, and Nathan's brother suffered serious medical problems.

Fans know that Jeffree is always good about updating followers about both his personal and professional life. When the time is right, he will most certainly return to social media to let followers know what's going on.