Wednesday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Sonny Has A Surprise For Gladys & Fans Think There's Trouble Brewing

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Gladys Corbin won't be heading home anytime soon and fans are starting to suspect there is something bigger on the way with this character. She has decided to hang around Port Charles for a bit and seems to be constantly annoying Carly and Sonny Corinthos. Viewers will see more of this dynamic during Wednesday's show.

Gladys was brought into the picture to provide a cover story for Dev suddenly showing up in Port Charles and living with Sonny. She agreed to go along with the story that Dev is her grandson, although she doesn't know exactly what the real story is. This gives her a bit of leverage over Sonny and General Hospital spoilers hint that she's going to push this a bit further in the weeks ahead.

The sneak peek shared via Twitter for Wednesday's show reveals that Gladys will be hovering in the Corinthos kitchen. General Hospital spoilers detail that Sonny will tell her he has a surprise for her as he essentially pushes her out of the room. She'll give quite the look as she walks out with him.

Why is Gladys asking so many questions and why is she so determined to keep hanging around? It may simply be that she sees an opportunity to live a grander lifestyle than what she has back home and she knows that she has Sonny in a spot where he has to tolerate her.

However, fans suspect that something bigger is on the way. At this point, official General Hospital spoilers don't reveal much about what's coming with Gladys, however.

According to SheKnows Soaps, she'll agree with a decision of Sonny's during the episode airing on Thursday, January 16. It seems likely this has to do with Mike and viewers have seen that Gladys has spoken up about Mike's condition in the past.

General Hospital spoilers detail that soon Sonny will do something about Mike's declining condition that could prompt some stunning results. Gladys inserting herself into what comes next on this front would not come as a major surprise.

Fans have started speculating about what she will do on Twitter and plenty of theories are formulating.

"I love her but she's up to something. No way do you take the abuse they've been dishing out her whole visit without ulterior motives. I think it would be great if she's a mob boss and she's behind whatever happened to Sonny's trucks yesterday," speculated one General Hospital fan.

"Something is off with Gladys. Too many questions about Sonny's workers and business," noted another viewer.

"Gladys can't be trusted! Working for feds??" speculated someone else.

"There is something about Aunt Gladys that screams 'don't trust her,'" pointed out another General Hospital viewer.

There certainly seems to be a reason that Gladys is sticking around and is acting so nosy about Sonny's business. Will this turn into something intriguing and substantial in the weeks ahead or quietly fade out soon?

General Hospital spoilers don't reveal much more about the character and her motives yet, but fans have a feeling that there's something more coming on the horizon.