Dasha Mart Sizzles In Skintight Mini Dress While Celebrating Her Birthday

Russian bombshell Dasha Mart looked fabulous in a pink skintight mini dress in her latest Instagram update.

The beauty shared a series of photos from her recent birthday celebration, which took place at The Breakers -- a luxury resort in Palm Springs, Florida. The snaps show her posing inside and outside the location.

Dasha was definitely dressed for the occasion, and her dress fit her like a glove. The sexy number featured off-the-shoulder long sleeves and a belt that cinched tightly around her waist. The dress had a zipper that went down the front and off to one side, giving the outfit a chic vibe. She added a pair of sparkly, strappy heels that provided some glam to her look.

One snap captured Dasha's entire body as she stood in front of a large vase of flowers in what appeared to be a lobby. The shot showed off her long legs in the short dress. She struck a pose with one hip out, showing off her hourglass figure.

Another full-body shot showed Dasha standing outside in front of a fountain. The picture captured her from the side as she slightly bent over and arched her back. The pose accentuated her perky derrière, as well as her voluptuous chest. She stood with one knee slightly bent, giving her followers a good look at her long legs. She held a large bouquet of silver and pink balloons in front of her and smiled as she turned her face to the sky.

The remaining two pics gave Dasha's followers a nice, close-up view of her backside in the dress. One snap showed her standing in front of a large wreath decorated with Christmas ornaments and bows. For the shot, she held a large bouquet of pink and white flowers. Her hair fell in tight ringlets down her back as she glanced over her shoulder and gave the camera a serious look.

In the other rearview shot, Dasha stood on a deck facing the ocean. Her hair fell down her back to just above her waist, drawing the eye to her perky booty. She appeared to be looking at something in the distance while the balloons floated above her head.

For the celebrations, Dasha wore a full face of makeup that featured smoky eyeshadow, thick lashes and a pink color on her lips.

The caption to the post was written in Russian. However, a quick Google translation revealed that she told her fans about a sweet surprise party her friends threw for her.

"Wonder woman," quipped one fan.

"The prettiest," said a third admirer.

"Pretty in pink gorgeous," wrote a second follower.

It's not the first time Dasha looked incredible in pink -- and it probably won't be the last. On Tuesday, the stunner wore a set of pink lace lingerie that put all of her curves on display.