Kaley Cuoco Proves She Isn't A Morning Person As She Sleepily Sips Coffee From 'Wifey' Mug

Kaley Cuoco makes no secret of her dislike of early morning calls, and this morning she shared a clip of herself trying to get going.

The Big Bang Theory actress posted a video of herself on her Instagram story with a timestamp of 5:23 a.m. this morning. In it, she held a sizable light-colored coffee mug with the word "Wifey" on it in darker print, which obscured the bottom part of her face for several seconds of the footage. During the clip, she took a drink of whatever fortifying drink with her eyes partially closed. After taking the sip, the actress's eyes popped open wide. Cuoco used a filter that had pink lines rotating around the middle framing her mug and face for the most part. A soothing song with a babbling brook in the background played, and a placard in the bottom right of the video indicated that the music was "Sleepy Dog Bedtime."

It looked like Cuoco might have been sitting up in bed with a darker colored pillow propped in front of a lighter colored headboard. She wore a white robe over a dark T-shirt. The actress piled her long blond hair atop her hair in a messy bun with tendrils falling down around her face. Despite the early time, it looked as if the actress might have had some eye shadow on, or else the filter she used might have added a slight color to her eyelids. The actress's full lips did not seem to have any lipstick on them as she drank from the mug.

The Harley Quinn star didn't say or write anything else about the video. She merely let the visual speak for itself, and many of her regular Instagram fans understood completely because Cuoco often laments the early mornings she has experienced since TBBT ended. She's found herself working on a variety of other projects with earlier call times than she was used to while filming the hit CBS series.

It doesn't appear as if the "Wifey" mug video is part of Cuoco's Instagram series she calls Cup of Cuoco. Several times recently, the actress has posted videos of herself with various mugs drinking coffee and discussing the big things in life like her love of big mugs and scrunchies. It seems likely that the "Wifey" coffee cup will make it into a future installment of the informal talk show.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Cuoco discussed possible parenting styles for raising future children with her husband, Karl Cook, on an episode of the online show.