Tarsha Whitmore Leaves Little To The Imagination In Tiny Pink Bikini

Model Tarsha Whitmore likes to flaunt her curves on social media, and in her latest Instagram post, she left little to the imagination while wearing a skimpy pink bikini.

The snap happened to be from several months ago when she visited the Maldives. The beauty was on the ocean with part of a resort behind her. The close-up photo showed her seated backward on a water scooter with her legs slightly spread, putting all of her body on display.

Tarsha's bikini was about as small as it could be. The top had little triangle cups just big enough to cover her nipples and a some of the skin on her breasts. Strings that didn't look much thicker than thread wrapped around her neck and her back. The bottoms were nothing more than a thin strip of fabric held around her waist with the minuscule strings.

Tarsha leaned back on both hands, giving her followers a good look at her ample chest. But that wasn't all there was to see. The pose also put her flat abs on display. Eyes working down the front of Tarsha's body also got a nice look at the curve of her hips and her toned thighs. The beauty's bronze skin looked flawless as it shimmered in the sun. She gave the camera a sultry look with her lips slightly parted.

Tarsha wore her long hair parted on the side, and most of it was unseen as it hung down her back. Her makeup included dark brows, smoky eye shadow and contoured cheeks. She also wore a pink gloss on her lips. A small piercing sparkled in her bellybutton. She looked like she was about to spin around and take off for a spin on the scooter.

In the caption, she mentioned missing the tropical paradise. She might have been missing the Maldives, but her fans were loving her in the pink swimsuit. Some fans commented with just fire and heart emoji, but others had more to say.

"Wow. So beautiful and that body is incredible," one follower wrote.

"How are you even real!! You are so perfect," said a second fan.

"It dont get any better than that," quipped a third admirer.

"You are sooooo next level," a fourth follower commented.

Tarsha doesn't have to be anywhere special to flaunt her fabulous physique. She recently rocked a leopard-print bikini while she was sunning in her home country of Australia.