Jax Taylor Reacts To Being Called 'Groomzilla' After Face-Off With Tom Sandoval On 'Vanderpump Rules' Premiere

Jax Taylor wielded his power on the Vanderpump Rules premiere. The Bravo star faced off with his best friend Tom Sandoval over wedding party duties and was portrayed as a "groomzilla" in the process.

As the eighth season of the Bravo hit kicked off, Jax's impending wedding to fiancee Brittany Cartwright hit a road bump as the groom-to-be became annoyed with Sandoval for bailing on a "pre-bachelor party" in Miami due to plans to see his mom for Mother's Day. Jax claimed that Sandoval has been neglecting his best man obligations, so he texted him to announce that he was "going to change up my wedding party a little bit," with Tom Schwartz as the sole best man.

"Because I didn't cancel my flight back to see my mom for Mother's Day and go to his pre-bachelor party — which isn't a thing, by the way — he demoted me to a groomsman from best man," Sandoval said in the episode, per People. "F*ck off, dude."

Sandoval later accused Jax of "one-upping" him when they bought houses in the Valley. Sandoval said that for him and girlfriend Ariana Madix, buying a new house is like a wedding to them, but then Jax went and bought a bigger home in the same neighborhood.

Jax admitted that his "hostility" stemmed from feeling neglected by Sandoval as he planned his wedding to Brittany.

"I saw you like once," Jax said to Sandoval. "This is a serious time for me. I'm getting married."

In a confessional, Sandoval noted the SUR bartender's groomzilla-like behavior.

"With Jax's wedding this summer, he's kind of enjoying this like power that he has," the Tom Tom co-owner said. "I feel like he's definitely taking advantage of it."

While the besties ultimately hugged it out as Jax admitted he was just trying to get the busy Sandoval's attention with the threat of a demotion, Vanderpump Rules fans noted how the groom-to-be was being portrayed in the new season of the Bravo reality show.

On Twitter, Jax reminded fans that it's his wedding, and he's allowed to have opinions on it.
In November, Jax admitted to Hollywood Life that he became "a little bit of a groomzilla" before his wedding to Brittany because he expected Sandoval to step up and help him plan things.

"In the beginning, I had some trouble even getting a hold of Tom Sandoval for some of my events," Jax shared.

Jax noted that fellow best man Tom Schwartz stepped out of his comfort zone and "set things up at hotels for me."

"He just did a great job. They both did a great job. I was just very happy the way Schwartz stepped up for me," Jax said of his best men.